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Sugar is the enemy

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  • Sugar is the enemy

    I’d always thought that the worst thing that you could do for weight loss is eat a lot of bad fat but after watching this documentary I found out that it’s sugar that is actually doing the most damage. Check your nutrition label. 4mg of sugar is 1 teaspoon. Now you can gauge how much you’re eating. It’s nuts!

    The Secrets of Sugar - the fifth estate - CBC News
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    Ugh, that doesn't make me feel good! I just went into my kitchen and checked a few of the foods i have in there. There's so much sugar! Even in the stuff that isn't sweet. Ketchup may as well be pure sugar!

    I was also shocked by the little flavored yogurt cups. They're like little sugar bombs. I have muffins that have less sugar than those! Thanks for pointing this out...and not at the same time


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      I had to mess with my IP location to get that video to play but wow. I have to say that it was worth it. I feel a little bit grossed out by my kitchen at the moment and I thought that I was eating a lot healthier than I used to.

      That makes me think that if I feel that I'm eating healthy and I'm still eating a bucket load of sugar, then what are people eating when they're not paying attention to their nutrition levels. That's seriously gross. labeling has really got to improve.


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