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    Hi everybody I'm new here. I just wanted to say hello to you all and am happy to be here!!! I also have tried every diet in the book. Scarsdale Diet, nutrisystem, starvation diet, weight watchers just to name a few. But the best one that has ever worked for me was when I was 19yrs old I went to a weight doctor and tried diet pills and the only diet pill that ever worked for me was Bontril 35mg. But when I had to quit taking it I gained all my weight back. I'd give anything if I could get on that diet pill again and show my family and friends what I looked like in my twenties that would be so awesome!!! Thank You
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    Hi LeighAnne07 ! Welcome! Sounds like you've really done the laps of the various things that work. Have you ever tried anything that is mostly plant based or flexitarian? I'm not claiming those work. I'm just curious since it sounds like you've done lots! I've tried Weight Watchers, too. It works for a while, but I didn't find it was something I could keep up over the years. I did it back when they had a different points system, before they became WW and when you had to do weigh-ins in person, which I found humiliating. Maybe it's a lot better now. It's amazing what we go through to try to get our weight where it should be and just be healthy, isn't it? I'm currently using an OTC diet pill along with the fitbit app (and a fitbit of course haha). I'm losing weight but it's pretty slow. Im just considering myself lucky that it's still going in the right direction, so I'm staying positive. I hope you find out what will work for you too! Keep your head up!


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