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  • liquid diet questions and how to

    hello. i am making this post to ask about effectiveness of semi liquid diet, meaning im looking into wanting to start a mostly liquid diet. im looking to switch to a mostly liquid diet to try and loose some weight. After a period of exercising i notice ive not lost any real weight, after seeing people say they lost 10 pounds in 3 weeks or 50 pounds in a month or what ever other time frames people have done and during 6 months of exercising i had lost 2 or 3 pounds. insignificant amount for my weight that im at right now. so i figure a change of diet would be in order. I am getting a bit tired of eating as it is right now due to my weight. i have a weird thing where i can eat, stuff myself, and feel hungry again in a few hours later, feel hungry and snack pretty heavily at times, sad to admit. though when i have a gallon jug of juice or water i can drink it off it all day and feel satisfied. this is why i thought about a liquid diet.
    i think if i can make a drink for every day/near every day. i could load up the calorie count to just below weight sustainment then i can passively lose weight when im low on physical activity and lose more when im more physically active. or at least how my theory of this will work.

    i dont know. ive done a little bit of research on the topic of weight loss before, but i figure it would be better to talk to some experts rather then piece together potentially bad information on my own. i know the biggest things in weight loss is calories and movement. i know there is a level of calorie intake that is gain weight. sustain weight. and lose weight. and id like to be able to tailor this diet to be just under the sustain weight intake of calories. i just dont know exactly what that is and how to achieve that with doing this diet type. as well as how to build healthy recipes for this type of diet.

    i apologize for the long rant. i need admit that i have a problem and i need to ask for help and admit i dont know what im looking into. thank you to all who take a evening to read my large post ive made and many more thanks for anyone who replies with any advice you have. any and all is welcome.

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    I wouldn't do a liquid diet at all. It's just not sustainable, so it's starting you off with a bad relationship with your food. Instead of thinking of how you can control or restrict yourself, ask yourself how you can nourish yourself with every meal and snack. Think of your food in terms of what it can give you for energy, healing, wellness. That way, you're choosing foods for you not against you. It sets you up to build great habits you can keep up over time. A liquid diet will only leave you hungry, will be very short term and might even slow down your metabolism. You can do this! You really can! I've been there. So many of us have. Be kind to yourself.


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      I think I need to agree on this one. Sustainable nutrition will serve you a lot better. Unless your doctor is recommending a liquid diet, you could end up doing more harm than good. You could slow down your metabolism and create an unwanted relationship with your food. Gradually taking healthy nutrition steps and adopting good habits that you can keep up over time will help you to get things under control and keep them up long-term.
      You can do this! it's not a race. You've got this.


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        Are you okay, FrostyShepherd ? Have you tried talking to your doctor about your struggles. I bet even if you got on a telehealth on the phone instead of in person - whatever you're most comfortable with - you could get some good advice to guide you so you can create an eating strategy and workout strategy that will fit you better and get you results.
        Remember that what you eat is going to decide how much weight you lose, but going to extreme will only harm you in the long run. So it's a matter of finding the right balance and strategy that you'll be able to keep up over time. For most people, that's not a liquid diet, so I bet your doctor wouldn't recommend using that route.
        It sounds like you're really great at exercising. Keep it up! Fitness is your best tool to stop any lost weight from coming back. Not only will that help you to make your diet more effective, but it will be great to have those habits in place after you reach your weight goal, because you won't have to go through all this all over again.
        Let us know how you're doing!


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