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Where to get trustworthy advice outside of a doctor's office

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  • Where to get trustworthy advice outside of a doctor's office

    I know that when it comes to dieting or any other health thing, talking to your doctor really is the be all and end all of the right healthy information but I find myself with a lot of questions on a regular basis while I’m trying to do things right. I can’t afford to go to the doctor every single time I have a question and I know that he won’t appreciate it if I keep phoning to ask which type of bread is better or whether or not whole wheat pasta really makes a difference etc.

    Outside of a doctor, who is the next best person who can advise me or the next best resource I can find online, to answer my questions and will not just give me faddy answers. I want something healthy so that I can keep it up long term.

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    your pharmacist, a dietician, a nutritionist, and a physical trainer can all probably give you some help. Just make sure that you aren't listening to someone who is trying to sell you something.


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      You could probably talk to someone at a health food store if it's someone who actually knows something about the foods as opposed to someone who is just working there to run the till. I know a lot of the small locations (not the chain stores) know a lot about the various foods they sell and about supplements that can be helpful. Just make sure that they're talking about the benefits and not just trying to sell you a product.


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        I think that when it really comes to your health, stick to your doctor


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