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For Chocoholics :)

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  • For Chocoholics :)

    I make it as a chocolate substitute, it will go as some sort of praline too :)

    125g low fat quark cheese (i use 0% fat)
    1 spoon low fat cocoa
    1 spoon of milk in powder
    1 drop of rum or vanilla flavour
    powder sweetner (up to taste, i used 1-2 small sppons)
    1 sppon milk ( 0 or 0.5% fat)

    Mash quark with a fork until it's a smooth paste. Add the rest of igredients. Mix it all.
    It has to be quait thick and sticky.
    Shape it in a little balls with your hands (1 bite size).
    Take 2 plates, on one put a little bit of cocoa, on the other a little bit of milk in powder. And as you make balls roll them in cocao or milk. So from a whole portion of paste half is white and half is brown.
    Leave it for a night in the fridge, unless you cant wait then 30 min in a freezer.
    Well, first time i made it, i aet it straight away.

    Whole portion - 200kcal!!

    Sorry for all gramma mistakes, english is my 2nd language.

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    Thanks delilah this looks delightful!


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      Yum! Thank you for sharing!


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        Sounds delicious, Thanks Delilah ...
        Thank you for sharing. I would love to know from where i can get more recipes like this?
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