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Lemon roll.

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  • Lemon roll.

    Even that i am on diet. i can not existe without deserts. So here is very easy cake a made last saturday.

    3 eggs
    2 spoons of corn flour (30g)
    1 small spoon of baking powder
    1 spoon of sweetner or brown sugar if you prefer (less is better, but depends of a taste)
    1 lemon gelly
    100g of natural youghurt (0% fat preferably)
    350ml of water

    Make gelly with 350ml of water (normally according to the instruction on the packege is 500ml). Leave until cold, mix it with yogurth, wait until is thick, not watery.

    Seperate white and yolks. Bit eggs, then add sugar and baking powder, then add yolks, then gently stir in flour.
    Spread egg mixture evenly in the baking tray (25on40cm size, mine was a little bit bigger, make it in around 1cm high) on the top of the baking paper!
    Bake it in 180C for 15 min until a golden o nthe top.

    Spread gelly mixture on the top of baked cake (can't be hot, but i noticed when completly cold it is more difficult to roll, breaks a bit ), then roll quite thight.
    Wrap it in plastic foil and leave it in the fridge for the night or at least few hours.

    Whole cake has 720kcal.
    1cm size slice around 30kcal.

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    Yum! I bet if you use sugar-free lemon jelly you'd slash the sugar. This looks great! Thanks for sharing.


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      Should it be considered cruel and unusual punishment to us dieters if you post a dessert that looks that good on a site like this? LOL

      This lemon roll looks incredible. I think it'll be the first thing I make when I reach my goal weight LOL


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        This kind of Recipe I never heard, But when I read this Recipe , I thought we should try this & i tried..I must say it's fabulous


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          I am not a big fan of Lemon meals but this one looks interesting and surely gonna give it a try.
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