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  • take advantage of the weather

    When the weather is good, make a priority of getting outside and exercising in it because you will find that you are a lot more motivated to stay out there and perhaps add some extras that you wouldn’t otherwise do if it was lousy out. Sun is a powerful motivator, so if you can get yourself out the door, it will make all the difference.
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    I've always complained about how hot the weather is but never realized how beautiful the day is compared to the winter. Bright clear skies vs gloomy cold winter days? I'd take the clear skies with LOTS of energy.


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      The difference that the weather makes truly is astounding. When the winter weather starts to fade away, I'm always at my most motivated to get out and walk or do something else physical in the fresh air.

      I actually enjoy the yard work at the beginning of the year, which is great. If only it did make up for the rest of the year when it's to unbelievably hot or frigid outside to do anything for more than a minute or two at a time.


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        My main problem is that while I do like to head outdoors and get active once the weather is nice and it's warmer, I have a bad tendency to overdo it.
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