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Do almonds really help with weight loss?

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  • Do almonds really help with weight loss?

    I have high cholesterol and I was reading about foods that are good for reducing cholesterol. I found out that almonds are terrific because they not only don’t contain any but they help to lower your levels when you eat about a handful per day. Then I came across a thing that said that they help with weight loss, too. I don’t get it because aren’t nuts high in fat? Is it true that almonds are good for weight loss? If so, does almond milk do the same thing?
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    That's a really good question. I would think that it's not the same because a lot of what's great about almonds has to do with the whole food, not just the part that would be squashed out among the other ingredients in the milk. For example, the fiber from the almonds wouldn't be included in the milk products, so that would likely change things. Since fiber plays a pretty big role in cholesterol, I'd imagine that impacts it in some way.


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      almonds do, almond milk doesn't


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        Almonds are WONDERFUL for weight loss and for getting your choleseterol down. They're great for making you feel more full without eating a huge nubmer of calories, too.


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          They really do. there are scientific studies that show that if you choose to eat almonds as a snack instead of the same number of calories of other foods with fat in them then you will lose weight more quickly by choosing the almonds. They have a lot of healthy nutrients in them that encourage the body to burn fat more effectively. They are most effective when you stay hydrated and you exercise regularly, but then again you could probably say that about the majority of foods that help with weight loss.


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            Just be sure not to indulge in them too heavily. They still contain fat. A tiny handful is more than enough
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              Don't worry so much about the fat. Fats get a bad rap, when your body NEEDS a certain amount of it. They are low in carbs, which is the important thing. The fats you need to worry about in high doses is the polyunsaturated fats you find in things like vegetable oils. Saturated fats and MONOunsaturated fats are good. They're necessary, and there's nothing wrong with getting them. Fats also have nothing to do with weight loss. I lost 25 pounds in 2 months after increasing my protein and fat intake because I cut out grains. I eat 4-5 eggs per day, and my blood tests are fantastic because I use olive and coconut oil for everything. Both are high in monounsaturated fats and (therefore) HDLs. My total cholesterol is high, but the ratios of total/HDL and LDL/HDL are the important thing. The lower, the better. Get your fats, but make sure they are the good ones. Almonds are high in mono's so you are good to go!


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