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does a plateau mean you have to change?

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  • does a plateau mean you have to change?

    I started a new diet that is focused on very healthy eating and exercise. It is great and I’m never hungry even though I work out a lot and I’ve kept my calories at about 1800 per day and I have a huge appetite.

    For the first three weeks, I lost 2 pounds each. Then suddenly for the last two weeks, nothing! I’ve stayed exactly the same. This is happening even though I increase my exercise every week as I improve my fitness level. Do I need to change something else?
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    It sounds to me like you ARE losing fat but that you aren't losing weight. I know that sounds weird but when you make a sudden healthy change to your diet and exercise level like you have, then as long as you aren't miscalculating your calorie intake, then you are indeed burning through fat, but at the same time, you're building lean muscle.

    Because muscle actually weighs more than fat, even if you lose a lot of fat and gain a bit of muscle, you might show on the scale as having the exact same weight. Keep going and make sure that your activities remain challenging. You'll start losing again.


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      Just keep hanging in there. As long as your calorie count stays reasonable as you have it, and your fitness remains challenging but not over the top, then you'll start losing again. Your body is just figuring itself out. It's difficult, but don't let it discourage you!


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        Have you had any luck since your post, Suzie? I know it can be so hard on you to plateau but you really need to just keep going. That's the key to making sure that you do keep losing weight. Every single dieter will expeirence a plateau at some point or another. It's really not a sign that you're doing somethign wrong.


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          I've been going through the same problem. I hope you've broken out of it, Suzie. It will give me hope!


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            is your calorie intake right? Depending on your size and age, you might need to eat fewer. I'm pretty tall and I'm active but I'm supposed to eat about 100 calories less than you. Maybe try skimming another 100 calories out of your diet. It's actulaly pretty easy to do. Just take away a tiny little bit of something fatty or sugary and eat a bunch of veggies instead. That will slash them down in no time.


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              Any luck yet, Suzie?


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