New Hormone Pill Could Help Women with Multiple Sclerosis

Women With Multiple Sclerosis

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You might never before have heard of a hormone pill called estriol, but it can be life-changing for women with multiple sclerosis. Though this has become a much more manageable disease for those who suffer from it, quality of life is nonetheless affected. Those who are afflicted with this disease are always looking for a cure or, at least, a way to manage the symptoms. Though it may start out slowly, multiple sclerosis can really impede an individual’s daily functions. Looking at women who suffer from this disease, however, researchers may have found potential help from an unexpected source.


In many studies of women with multiple sclerosis, researchers have found that these women tend to do better when they are pregnant. For some reason, women who have this disease are often able to manage their symptoms more effectively when they are pregnant and carrying a child, and this discovery has led to a whole new series of studies. Researchers hypothesized that something within a woman’s body chemistry can help her to cope with the daily occurrences of multiple sclerosis. These guesses were right, and that’s precisely where the evolution of estriol began.


A Promising New Product


It is important to note that though estriol is a new hormone pill and still under research, it is showing good preliminary results. Though there may be some uncertainty as to any side effects, since it is so new, many women with multiple sclerosis are finding that taking estriol is well worth it. Estriol essentially mimics the body chemistry of a pregnant woman and thereby helps a woman to manage her disease much more effectively. Since the body tends to do better during pregnancy, estriol tricks the body into thinking that it’s pregnant. The results are truly amazing. This is why so many women are turning to estriol and getting amazing, life-changing outcomes.


For women with multiple sclerosis, pregnancy may offer the best way of coping with this disease. Since disease management, in and of itself, seems a poor reason to become pregnant, research has helped to develop the new hormone pill called estriol, which just might be a game changer. Though it is new to the scene and, therefore, still being researched, it might well alter the way that women deal with this difficult disease. Women's health can now be improved. Estriol is well worth taking a look at because it could allow for improved quality of life, including more normalcy and better overall health, for women everywhere who suffer from multiple sclerosis—and that’s welcome news, indeed. 

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