Wearing Bras Is Unrelated to Breast Cancer Risk

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Seeing as it’s a disease that has affected so many people, especially women, understanding breast cancer risk is crucial. If you have a family history of this, or if you are just somebody who is concerned overall, then you definitely want to know what your true risk factors may be. It’s not always easy as there is a lot of conflicting information out there, which can make risk harder to understand. If you are a woman who worries, then you want to get to the heart of the issue and gain some true comprehension of what will hurt you and what is not a problem at all. The risks may be great, but they certainly don’t include everything that you may hear about.


There are a lot of sources out there telling you that wearing bras, or a certain type of bra, can lead to greater breast cancer risk. Though this may sound crazy, there was a study done at one time that said the wearing of bras, particularly underwire bras, can contribute to the risk. This study scared women enough that they started to believe that bras were the enemy. The good news is that there is constantly new research about breast cancer, so this was an easy myth to dispel. There are reasons why this finding came about, and it’s important to understand what lies at the heart of the myth.


Know What the Underlying Problem Is


The bigger problem in terms of breast cancer risk was not found to be wearing bras but, rather, being overweight. The newer studies found that a lot of women who did not wear bras were lean or in a healthy weight range. That was the factor that helped them to be safer from cancer, not really the bra itself at all. So the important risk factor was being overweight, and that’s a fact all experts will agree on. If you are somebody who is overweight, this is a great risk to developing any type of cancer, particularly breast cancer. So rather than ditching the bra, it’s imperative to get the weight to a healthy range.


Understanding what makes for a true breast cancer risk and what does not is very important to women and men alike. Breast cancer seems to affect nearly everyone directly or indirectly, so getting help is crucial. Those who worry about wearing bras due to previous research should realize that the true answer lies in their lifestyle and body makeup. Getting your weight to a better range and becoming healthier matter so much more than wearing a bra. Understanding these studies and focusing on what really matters, health-wise, will help you reduce your risk of cancer.