The Quickest Ways to Ease Painful Periods

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Dealing with your monthly cycle can be a pain, literally. Most women dread menstruation for a whole list of good reasons, typically spending lots of their energies worrying about how they are going to ease painful periods when the time comes. Being able to maintain your good health, comfort, and sanity during your monthly cycle often takes the help of some effective home remedies, and the best of those are the ones that are the quickest.

1. Rub on Your Belly

It might seem like a solution that is just a bit too simple, but the fact of the matter is that rubbing on your belly when you are hurting can actually help you to ease painful periods and the symptoms associated with them. As a natural response to pain, we automatically grasp for our injury as though the very act of touching it will somehow make it better. Well, recent studies are now showing how effective that actually is. If you rub firmly but gently on your belly while in pain, you should start to feel some relief immediately.


2. Try to Eat More Fiber


Your body is already doing quite a bit of work to keep your reproductive system in order, and with an improper diet, things can sometimes get a little bit complicated. Your digestive tract functions in about the same area as your reproductive system, which means that indigestion can only serve to worsen the symptoms of menstrual pain. If you want to ease painful periods on a regular basis, make sure you are getting plenty of fiber in between cycles.


3. Release Endorphins with Reflexology


When you want to ease painful periods and the symptoms therein, you are going to want to look more closely at all of your options. Some of the quickest solutions are all-natural ones, such as meditation, exercise, massage, and reflexology. Lie down on your back and put the soles of your feet together, then firmly rub the arches of your feet for a few minutes. This should help to ease the pain for a while.

If you find that your menstrual pain is so severe that these methods do not work for you, be sure to talk to your doctor as soon as possible. Too many issues surrounding your monthly cycle could be a sign of something more serious.