What to Expect When You Get a Mammogram

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It’s not a part of life that any woman looks forward to, but if you get informed before you get a mammogram, then you’ll be in much better shape. The reality is that this can be a life-saving procedure. However, for many women it’s not necessary to start getting mammograms until they are 40 years old. If there’s a family history, though, it may come sooner, and that’s important to note. In the end though, no matter how old you are, understanding what will happen and being truly ready for it can help you to master this crucial test.


The problem is that, as many women prepare to get a mammogram, their nerves get the best of them. This is due to the uncertainty and may also be due in part to the negative feedback that comes from every direction. It can help to know, then, that for some women this is not a big deal, and it’s only made worse in their minds. It won’t hurt but will just feel slightly uncomfortable for a few moments. That’s it, though you will hear far worse horror stories from many people you talk to. So knowing what will happen and being prepared for a bit of discomfort can help to manage your expectations accordingly.


Mental Preparation Can Help You Tremendously


You do want to know when you go get a mammogram what will happen. They will ask you to change into a gown and wait until the technician is ready. Then it will be a squeezing and temporary uncomfortable sensation as the machine clamps down. The truth is that the test itself only lasts for a few minutes at most, and then you’re on your way. It won’t hurt, but it will put you into some slightly uncomfortable positions. A few moments of discomfort can be a lifesaver, so it’s a good time to practice mind over matter. If you can go in recognizing that the benefits far outweigh the discomfort, then you can move through it with ease.


So no matter how old you are or what the circumstances may be, you do want to be prepared when you go get a mammogram. You have to know that it can be a lifesaving procedure and that getting a baseline image is important up-front. Then getting these annually won’t be such a big deal, especially when you consider that they can be a huge help in fighting breast cancer. A little squeezing and discomfort is temporary, but the lives that they can help to save are crucial. Be mentally prepared, talk yourself through, bring a family member or friend for support, and then know that you are doing something truly good for your health overall.