5 Ways to Get Back in Shape Fast After Having a Baby

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Giving birth is one of life’s true joys, but it can be tough to get back in shape fast after having a baby. Though many women have the best of intentions, the reality is that a new mom’s time is not her own. Many women feel the stress of trying to care for their new baby, and the simplest things can seem challenging.


If you want to get back in shape but recognize that your time is at a premium, you may need to get a bit creative. Though you might think that there is no way to get back in shape fast after having a baby, with a bit of creativity and some serious scheduling, you can make this work to your best advantage. Combine these tips with a healthy post-pregnancy diet


1. Pack up your baby and go for a walk: It may sound simple, but getting out for a walk with your baby can accomplish various purposes. You get in some much-needed cardio, and you also have time to bond with your baby on the go. Getting outside can do wonders for your mental health, and power walking can help your physical health. If the weather doesn’t permit this, even getting to the mall for a power walk can do the trick.


2. Join a “mommy” class: The good news for a woman who wants to get back in shape fast after having a baby is that she can do it in many unique ways. A wide variety of mommy-based workout classes or programs are available that can help tremendously. You can participate in anything from yoga to boot camp, and in many cases you can keep the baby in the stroller with you. This is a new and fun way for the new mom to get fit!


3. Schedule some “me time” throughout the week: Time constraints are often the most difficult part of getting back in shape fast after having a baby. So work with your partner or your support network to try to schedule time for workouts. Be creative and try to squeeze in a workout whenever possible. Even if it’s simply getting on the treadmill for a while, you can always find time for something.


4. Work around your baby’s schedule and find unique opportunities to get fit: When the baby naps, you get to work out. When the baby is happy in her bouncy seat, you can lift some weights. Where there’s a will there’s a way; and if you are finding it hard to get back in shape after having a baby, then it may be a matter of working around your baby’s schedule and splitting up your workout into a few parts throughout the day.


5. Try different workout DVDs to incorporate variety into your workouts: Always be prepared--and that includes having some great workout DVDs on hand. If you can get in even 20 minutes of workout time, then you will see the results. Use a variety of different DVDs to ensure that each workout truly exercises your body and that you get the results you want.