Why Do Women Disregard Heart Disease Symptoms?

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It seems that since it’s such a common and frightening health problem, women would pay closer attention to heart disease symptoms. For some reason, though, it’s most often women who ignore the signs and then find themselves in a more dire health situation. Why is this? Just why do so many women suffer from heart disease and not even know what is going on? There may be several reasons to blame, but this just goes to show that awareness is so important. So, too, is taking the time to slow down and listen to your body when something doesn’t feel right; therefore, education is key.


When you wonder why it is that so many women specifically ignore the most common heart disease symptoms, understand that it starts with general awareness. Knowing what is going on within the body and, therefore, noticing any changes is key. Most women tend to brush off anxiety as that is common for them to experience every day. Even chest discomfort is usually brushed off as heartburn or something along those lines. When you recognize that nausea, fatigue, cough, or shortness of breath can also occur, it’s simply amazing that women overlook the possibility of heart disease. They tend to think that any pain or discomfort is temporary or that it is linked to something much less important.


Taking Time Out for Yourself Is Always Key


Another reason why so many women tend to ignore the most common heart disease symptoms is that they are usually quite busy taking care of others. They are busy taking care of their families and the needs of their household. Overall, many women are running in a million different directions, so slowing down to recognize that something isn’t right often doesn’t happen until it is too late. This goes to show that many women are much too stressed and don’t place enough emphasis on their own well-being. Prioritizing their health and learning to listen to their bodies can help with early prevention!


Though the heart disease symptoms may vary, being in tune to what your body is trying to tell you is key. Sometimes women need to slow down, and getting in to see their doctor can be a lifesaving measure. It may not come across as chest pain but may show itself as pain in another part of the body, or even as sweating or weakness. If something doesn’t feel right, you need to keep track of it and get in to talk to your doctor. Though women are all busy, taking time out for your own health will make you your very best and ensure that you don’t overlook anything as serious as heart disease.