New Microwave Imaging for Detecting Breast Cancer

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When you are facing a life-threatening illness such as cancer, it truly pays to gather as much knowledge on the subject as possible. As rapidly as modern science develops new techniques and medicines, it only makes sense to begin learning about how microwave imaging is now being used to detect breast cancer. Considering the difference between traditional detection methods and the state-of-the-art capabilities of this recently developed approach, cancer sufferers and survivors alike can benefit from better identification and management of their disease.

What Imaging Options Currently Exist?

For those people who suffer from breast cancer, receiving adequate medical attention is imperative to their survival. Part of the standard treatment plan for such a disease typically includes some sort of imaging in order for the treating physician to diagnose and assess the situation properly. Traditionally, breast cancer patients undergo a series of screenings via molecular imaging, mammograms, or supplemental screening procedures such as MRI. In the past, microwave imaging has not been an option, but times are rapidly changing for hopeful breast cancer survivors.

What Is Microwave Imaging?

It may be rather difficult for the layman to grasp the fundamentals of microwave imaging. However, a basic understanding of how it works can be achieved readily. Simply put, microwave imaging is a complex science that works to detect and locate images that happen to be lodged or embodied within a specific structure–namely the breast, in this case. Using mostly electromagnetic waves in a microwave system, doctors and radiologists can work together to detect breast cancer in patients much sooner than they have ever been able to before.

Does Microwave Imaging Affect Health?

No, patients using microwave imaging will not be required to stick their bodies into microwave cookers in order to gain answers. Luckily, modern science has taken every precaution to offer this imaging service to patients with as little damage to their health as possible. Although there are some concerns with the overall safety of microwave imaging, the end most definitely justifies the means in most cases.

Those who are worried about developing or worsening breast cancer will benefit from this imaging option to a greater extent than they will be negatively affected by it. However, it is always recommended that patients speak with a specialist before deciding on microwave imaging for the detection of breast cancer, as certain other procedures may need to be performed beforehand. Talk to your doctor for more information.