Eating Vegetables May Reduce Breast Cancer Risk

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A recent study has shown that eating vegetables may reduce the risk of breast cancer in women. According to the findings, luteolin present in vegetables can counter the factors which cause breast cancer and enable the body to fight off the disease. This study comes in light of reports that women who are undergoing hormone replacement procedures for countering the negative effects of menopause are at a high risk of suffering from breast cancer. The study was conducted by scientists at the University of Missouri in Columbia.

The study clearly states that luteolin can prove an effective tool to fight off the effects of estrogen and synthetic progestin, which are used in the aforementioned treatments to help women deal with menopause. The best part is luteolin is available naturally through a range of vegetables and herbs, signifying that women who consume a diet rich in vegetables may be able to reduce breast cancer risk. Generally, the risk of breast cancer in women increases as they age. However, the lesions present in their breast tissue are usually benign and don’t cause any harm till they are triggered.

The issue is that a known trigger is progestin. As most women who have reached menopause are middle aged, they are already at a higher risk of breast cancer and when their breast tissue is exposed to the hormones, it can trigger the disease. As a result, the cancerous cells multiply and expand, which makes it difficult to treat them effectively. Hence, this study has come as a major breakthrough to reduce breast cancer risk in women who are vulnerable to the condition.

According to the study, the scientists used luteolin, in vitro, and exposed breast cancer cells to it for a day or two. The effect was that the viability of the cells reduced considerably, even after limited exposure. Eventually, the cells stopped receiving the blood supply they need to sustain and grow and they died, thereby eliminating the risk altogether. This is why they have recommended women should eat vegetables which are rich in luteolin to reduce breast cancer risk and lead a healthier life, especially those who are undergoing hormone replacement therapy.

Thousands of women die because of breast cancer every year in the U.S. alone. Already, there are close to 3 million survivors of breast cancer. This new study can go a long way towards ensuring the risk is minimized and women aren’t exposed to the disease the way they were before.