Risks of Being Overweight After Menopause

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Being a woman means that you go through a wide array of different phases in your life as the years go on. You will find that with each phase comes with some wonderful things, and also some things that you have to get used to. If you are somebody who has struggled with weight your whole life, then it’s important to get it under control, particularly as you move towards the “golden years.” Though many women are focused on the horrible side effects of menopause, it may be wise to look more deeply at the risks of being overweight during this time in life. If you’re not careful, your weight problem could really work against you during this common transition in a woman’s life.


A woman’s body is always going through a lot and this starts with adolescence and certainly spikes during pregnancy and the childbearing years. When you get to menopause though, there is a lot happening that a woman may not necessarily be aware of. Hormone levels are changing and so too is the way that a woman’s body works in general. Knowing that, you want to be absolutely certain to be in touch with much more than the hot flashes or mood swings. Women going through menopause may also find that they need to be much more aware of their weight, for it can cause some serious health problems if they don’t.


Though you may have struggled with your weight for years, now is the time to get it in check. There are certain risks of being overweight after menopause that you may not be aware of, and if you want to be your best then you want to be in touch with these and then work to keep things under control for better health.


You greatly increase your risk of breast cancer: This is perhaps the greatest risk of being overweight at this point in a woman’s life, and it must be taken seriously. A woman’s risk of developing breast cancer after menopause goes up exponentially if she is overweight. The fatty tissues, the fluctuations in hormones, and the woman’s overall body makeup can all work against her if there is also a weight problem present. Getting your weight under control may very well save you from developing breast cancer and suffering for it moving forward.


Obesity after this phase of life puts you at greater risk of other health problems: Menopause causes so many changes to the body, and if you are overweight you are putting even more strain on the body. If you are wondering about the risks of being overweight after menopause it may put you at greater risk of developing diabetes and even heart disease too. Your body just can’t handle the excess weight, especially not right now.


You are more likely to have a much harder time losing the weight: If you have been struggling with your weight or even if this is a new problem, you may find it much harder to lose weight overall. Your hormones can practically wreak havoc on your body during this pivotal time, and therefore it can interfere with your ability to lose weight. This presents a vicious cycle and the only way to get a handle on it is to try and maintain a healthy lifestyle and stay ahead of any weight problems.


You may contribute to problems with your hormones at such a fragile time: Your hormones are already changing and all over the place during menopause. When you add excess weight to that, this can cause even bigger problems in the future. The risks of being overweight after menopause is over can cause you to suffer with hormonal imbalances for much longer and in a much larger way than it should if you had otherwise managed your weight from the start.