Top Nutrition Trends to Look for in 2015

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It seems that every day we turn on the news, there is some conflicting trend about what we should eat. It can get downright confusing about what makes up the right foods, the wrong foods, what diet you should be following, or what will help you to get healthier. Just as you think that you’re doing all the right things, new findings come along and change everything. So in the heart of keeping up with change and doing the right thing, we look at the top nutrition trends of 2015.


Though some of these are based on good solid health principles, some are brand new ways of thinking. You do want to perform your own research and ensure that you make the decisions that are best for your health and well being. These trends will show you that some of the oldest and most classic concepts within nutrition may prove to be true. What is old may be new again, and sometimes getting back to basics is the way to go.


If you want to create a good healthy foundation, then these nutrition trends in 2015 may get you heading in the right direction. Eating for fuel and for better health is always the best way to go, and therefore these trends and guidelines keep that all in mind.


Seeds and nuts are the new superfoods: It used to be that kale and coconut oil were the emphasis and the hot new superfoods. Though they still hold an important place in your diet, these days it’s all about seeds and nuts. They are high in fiber, good fats, protein, and overall serve as a great filler. You can feature them in any meal and they give you key nutrients with every serving. There is a wide offering of nuts and seeds and so these superfoods are accessible and full of everything that you need.


Continued emphasis on a gluten free diet: The gluten free trend isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Though some would argue that gluten free isn’t for everyone, there is enough of a benefit from it that it can’t be ignored. You should be sure that gluten free eating serves you well, as it’s not just a weight loss trend and shouldn’t be used as one. Whatever your feelings on it are, a gluten free diet is of course one of the biggest nutrition trends of the year.


More green tea as the beverage of choice: We all know that green tea is good, but now it is being looked at as a true health beverage. You get antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and it can actually promote fat burning within the body. So drinking green tea can give you a little boost with minimal caffeine, but it will be a much healthier option overall.


Forget about the low fat craze: Though low fat used to be the only health trend that mattered, that’s no longer the case. Eating low fat simply means you get more sodium and sugar, and that’s not good for your health. Staying away from the low fat hype will actually serve as one of the biggest nutrition trends of the year. Diets are no longer about counting fat grams, as that only hurts you in other areas.


Forget the trends and go for clean eating: It’s no longer about this craze or that, but just creating a healthy foundation. More and more people are eating clean, that is to say getting rid of the processed garbage food. They understand the many benefits to clean eating, so much so that this is one of the hottest nutrition trends that people are following. Whether it’s following a strict Paleo diet or just eating better overall, clean eating is sure to be one of the hottest nutrition topics and trends out there.