P90X Workout

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The P90X workout program is frequently also called the PX90 program, but they are one and the same. For whatever reason, the confusion started, escalated and has been corralled by smart marketing. Whether you know it as P90X or PX90, you can find either term easily online.


P90Xtreme fitness training is just that. It is not a muscle building program, but a fitness revolution for both men and women. The P90X Workout is not for the faint at heart…literally. The workouts are long and exhausting, but if you are prepared to dedicate 1 to 2 hours a day and follow their nutritional guide, you will see results.


\"From regular to ripped in 90 days\" is the catch phrase for the hugely successful P90X Workout. The program is a combination of 12 videos ranging from cardio to yoga to \"ab ripping\" or flexibility workouts designed to take advantage of \"muscle confusion\". Creator Tony Horton states that muscle confusion is why his program works. The body can’t compensate if it doesn’t know what is coming.


Tony offers up high energy, intense workouts. He is personable and fun and keeps you motivated. The P90X Workout videos are very fast paced and could very well overwhelm. There is minimal equipment required, such as a pull-up bar and dumbbells and space, which makes this program easy to follow at home with little investment. The only other requirement is time; ninety days for 1 to 2 hours a day plus meal planning.


The effectiveness of the P90X Workout program seems to be targeting “regular” men and women who want to go from the guy/gal in cubicle #4 to the buff, six pack totin’ beach body. For someone with a great deal of weight to lose, it would be a very big first step. As for what happens when the 90 days is over is anybody’s guess. A maintenance program wasn’t mentioned at all.


In a nutshell, if you are reasonable healthy to begin with, like working out everyday and have the kind of time to devote to a program then the P90X Workout might just be for you.