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Free Weight Loss Tickers to add to your website, forum or blog!

Free WLC Weight Loss Tickers Are you looking for a way to bring some individuality to your online forum profile or blog? Design your own unique looking weight loss tickers that not only add color and personality to your forum profile or blog, but help you to track your weight, weight change, changes in waist size and body mass index (BMI).

Be proud of your accomplishments, no matter how small or big they are, and share them with your online friends with your own weight loss ticker today.

Weight Loss Tickers and trackers are a great way to keep track your weight loss progress and share your successes with others. Take a few moments to choose a background and icon that suits your personality, or design one that helps you feel motivated every time you look at it. Weight Loss Center provides all you need to make an unlimited number of weight loss tickers and helps you track your progress with your own personalized weight loss graph. You can even track your fitness progress with our exercise tickers - all for free!

Are you ready to begin designing your own personalized weight loss ticker and tracker?

Animated Weight Loss Tickers


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How to Design Your Free Weight Loss Tickers and Tracker

Designing and setting up your free weight loss tickers and tracker is very easy. 

  1. Choose a background for your ticker from fifty original designs.
  2. Choose your icon that will track your progress from 50 fun images, including animated icons.
  3. Fill in your weight, waist measurements and height along with a personal password so you can log in to your account to make changes as you wish.
  4. Click “Save” and your new weight loss ticker is done and ready to be added to your website, forum or blog.

Sample Weight Loss Tickers


free exercise ticker sample

Animated Exercise Tickers

Weight Loss center Sample Free Exercise ticker

Are you ready to begin designing your own weight loss ticker?

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