What Is No Shave November All About?

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You hear a lot about it, so you may wonder what exactly No Shave November is really all about. This became a hot issue recently, and the attention grew with each new mustache that was grown. You tend to see this most on men, but women may participate as well. This is another measure to raise awareness for cancer, and that’s always a worthwhile effort. It comes to us in November, just after Breast Cancer Awareness month in October is celebrated everywhere. So get up to speed on what makes November special and why so many perform this ritual.


It seems that last year was when No Shave November really became a mainstream event. You saw celebrities, reporters, and many others in the public eye sporting a mustache or a beard. This was when it all started and when it became such a big movement for a positive cause. The idea is simple—to raise awareness for cancer. Men everywhere are to avoid shaving altogether in the month of November. Though this may seem silly, there is a real reason to it: The idea is to embrace the hair you have as cancer patients everywhere are wishing for their hair to come back. So as an homage to these patients, men are to let their hair grow wild and free to help raise awareness for this disease and those who suffer from it.


It’s a Wonderful Way to Build Awareness for Cancer


Sure, it’s men whom you tend to see participating in No Shave November the most, obviously because this shows through in their facial hair. You will see men who are usually quite well-trimmed sporting a full beard by the time Thanksgiving comes around. Women can be part of the movement, too, as the initiative says to ditch shaving altogether. It tells men and women alike to avoid shaving at all and to skip waxing appointments. It may not be quite as popular with women for that reason, but suffice it to say that men are really getting into this, and that’s a great thing.


So though No Shave November may be newer than other cancer awareness movements, it has really taken off with great vigor. This is an easy and great way to build awareness for cancer and support for cancer patients. For those who suffer from cancer, it is hoped that increased public awareness will help with research and with cures or medical treatment. This is a very visible way of supporting cancer patients and helping to build awareness in the mainstream. It’s a fun way to avoid shaving and help to increase awareness about an important aspect of medicine that affects so many of us today.