The Asian Diet

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For centuries millions of Asian people have been eating in a simple traditional style that embodies good health and general wellness. This well balanced cultural way of eating provides all the necessary vitamins, minerals, calcium, iron, fiber and other nutrients. Heavily plant based but not vegetarian, the diet does include fish, shellfish, meat and chicken in moderation. In Indian Asian based cuisine you will find low amounts of low fat dairy included. The diet consists of red meat no more than twice a month, poultry, eggs and sweets limited to 2 or 3 times per week, and good at anytime are fish, shellfish, dairy, vegetable cooking oils, soy, fruits and vegetables, nuts, seeds, grains, rice, noodles, and breads.

Asian beverage consumption also leans heavily in favor of plant based drinks such as tea, beer and sake or other wines, all once again in moderation. And there has definitely been much scientific research done to support the claims of the many health enhancing properties of tea. For years the Asian cultures around the world have served their food with great variety and much flavor coming from simple spices, herbs and broths.

Natural daily exercise, particularly walking, rounds out a lifestyle complete with its own style of preparation, cooking and presentation of foods native to the Eastern hemisphere but readily available here. Largely due to lifestyle, Japanese women have the longest lifespans. So to get yourself started take an Asian cooking class or check out ‘The Asian Diet: Get Slim and Stay Slim the Asian Way by Diana My Tran.

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