Strange and Unique Weight Loss Gadgets

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Weight Loss GadgetsEveryone wants to lose weight without having to work hard for it. At some point in time you have likely been tempted to try a new method or diet plan that sounded great. When you hear that you can lose weight without having to change much, it’s definitely tempting. Though you have probably tried out some of the latest fad diets, there is also another side to this in the growing number of products out there. If you have seen any of the weight loss gadgets out there, chances are that you have been tempted to try at least one of them. Though they may sound interesting, they may not help deliver the results they guarantee.


You likely know deep down that these tools and products aren’t going to work for you, but it’s hard to ignore them. You see the infomercial or you see the latest product brochure, and you are tempted to try the “guaranteed” products. The problem is that they are targeted at people who want to lose weight without putting in the right amount of effort. If you want to lose weight then it’s all about eating right, exercising, and learning to take better care of yourself. Though we know that it’s a calories in and calories out equation, we want to believe that by using one specific product we can get to where we want to be. Recognizing that these tools and gadgets won’t work, it can be a little fun to look at some of the most ridiculous ones out there.


There are so many interesting weight loss gadgets to pick from, all of which are unique and even silly in their makeup and offering. You want to believe that wearing this or using that will help, but you have to look beyond just the information being offered and know that it takes hard work to change your body in the way that you want.


The iGallop: It is supposed to help target and minimize your core fat, but the bigger issue is that it “simulates” a horse. You will feel silly using this and you will look silly too! Sure, riding a horse can help you lose weight when it’s actually exercise, but this is purely simulating that motion. The reality is that you won’t burn any calories and you aren’t actually targeting any fat, nor are you going to burn it away. If you want to ride a horse then ride a horse, but this little tool won’t do a thing for your weight loss.


The Mandometer: Do you really want a plate telling you how to eat? This talking plate will tell you if you are eating too much and may even weigh out your food for you too. Silly but true! Though we can all use a little help with eating the right things or staying on track through proper portion control, a voice activated plate may not be the way to go. You want to tune into your own willpower and use that to help you make good food choices. Save your money because a talking plate will only frustrate you, and deep down you know what you really need to do anyhow.


The Hawaii Hula Chair: Do you really think that a chair can help to shrink fat just by sitting in it? If you like to hula dance then maybe this is the chair for you, but that’s about where the benefits end! You are never going to target and burn fat simply by sitting in a chair. Doing the hula dance while sitting in a chair isn’t going to give you that burn you need, so don’t fall prey to one of these weight loss gadgets that will only leave you broke and frustrated.


The Shake Weight: You feel silly when holding this vibrating weight, and that’s because it is ridiculous. This is supposed to target deep into the muscles, but all it is in the end is a vibrating weight so don’t be fooled. This is often featured as one of the silliest gadgets out there, and if you don’t believe it then try for yourself and you’ll see why this won’t get you anywhere.


The Flex Pro Ab Muscle Toner: Yup, it says that it will tone your ab muscles just by putting it on, but you have to know that can’t possibly be true. Just putting something like this on doesn’t mean you will end up slimmer so don’t fall into the trap! Do keep in mind with these weight loss gadgets that putting something on the body or performing some silly movement isn’t going to get you to that ideal body. Never make this mistake and keep it simple with eating right and exercise, and you will be just fine.