What is safe weight loss?

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The rate of safe weight loss for each child depends on many factors. For children who are only mildly or moderately overweight and are still growing in height, simply maintaining their weight at the current level may allow them to "grow into their weight" and come down to a healthy BMI (body mass index). Remember that BMI is weight divided by height squared, so an increase in height of only a few inches, with weight remaining the same, will lower the BMI greatly. To calculate your BMI, use the BMI Calculator.


What is the Rate of Safe Weight Loss

If an overweight child has stopped growing, or is still growing but is very overweight, some doctors and dietitians recommend losing 1-2 pounds (1/2 to 1 kg) per week as a rate of safe weight loss. Others recommend losing only one pound (1/2 kg) per month.


Your doctor can access your need to lose weight and recommend a safe rate of weight loss for you. Please consult with your doctor or healthcare professional before undertaking a weight loss program. And if you are undertaking weight loss, it is important to weigh yourself at least once a week, so that you do not lose more than the amount recommended by your doctor.