How to Make a Healthier Pizza

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If you happen to be a pizza lover—and most of us are—then you may well find yourself on a quest to make a healthier pizza. This may sound like an impossible task at first because the tastiest parts of a pizza may seem to be entirely unhealthy. You start with that delicious, crispy crust and the tomato sauce smothered on top. Then you add a ton of gooey, greasy cheese and, of course, the other toppings. This perhaps leads you to wonder exactly how you can make your pizza any better for you. However, if you are invested in this effort and therefore willing to make the necessary changes, then there are surefire ways to eat healthy while enjoying your favorite dish.


The first step in making a healthier pizza is to make it at home. Some pizza restaurants out there that are, indeed, working to give their pizzas a healthier overhaul, but you have to be sure of that if you’re watching your health closely. By making your pizza at home, you ensure control over what goes on it, and that amounts to much better health in the end. Be sure that you start with a whole grain or whole wheat crust, which are much easier to find these days. You can really enhance the pizza with this healthier foundation and then cater to your own tastes after that. Like as not, you will never miss pizzeria pizza!


Diligence in Giving Your Pizza a Healthy Overhaul


As you plan your healthier pizza, realize that the tomato sauce is usually fine from a health perspective. Do try to make your own if at all possible, as the processed types are full of sodium or even sugar. Usually, though, the tomato sauce is just fine as a binder. The cheese can still be used, but be smart about it. A low-fat mozzarella is a great start, and then you may even use a little sprinkle of parmesan or Romano. Just keep it light because you don’t need much to melt, and light cheese will still give you that real pizza taste. Though you may be used to mounds of cheese on top, using only a little bit can provide a similar effect with a fraction of the fat, cholesterol, and sodium.


The final touch to making a healthier pizza at home is to use the best toppings. Try a margarita pizza and use fresh basil, fresh tomato slices, and then a drizzle of balsamic vinegar. Try to use only fresh vegetables like peppers, mushrooms, onions, and even broccoli. Go for a topping like garlic, olives, or artichokes for a superfood component. If you need to use a meat, then opt for a low-fat ham or even grilled chicken for a fun twist. If you are creative in what you use to make a healthy pizza, then it will likely become your new favorite. It’s all about eating well but still enjoying a fun food—and that adds up to better times ahead in so many ways!