Easy Ways to Cut Calories from Every Meal

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When you think about what you eat there’s a good chance that there’s room for improvement. If you’re trying to lose weight you want to think about what you are eating and how you are taking in your calories. You want to get the most value out of your calories so that they sustain you and ensure that you get everything that you need in the most effective way. When you think along those lines then you want to think of easy ways to cut calories out of your meals so that you get what you need and not what you don’t. It may not be as hard as you think if you use the right strategy to do this.


The thing that is so important to remember is that you still need to eat. If you try to take on deprivation in any form, it will always work against you. It’s not about cutting out calories to an extreme level, nor is it about eating only a few select foods. You want to be sure that you eat the right mix of foods for proper nutrition. You need nutrients out of food and therefore trying to deprive yourself won’t get you anywhere. The thing to keep in mind always is that you want to eat to live and fuel yourself with truly valuable foods. It’s just as much about shifting your mindset as it is to making the physical changes. Here we look at the best ways to eat right without cutting everything out altogether.


Though it may sound like a lot of work there are some great ways to cut calories that don’t have to make you feel deprived or bitter. Try out these healthy eating strategies and see just how well they work for you.


Fill half of your plate with fruits and veggies: You’re going to be hungry and you need to eat. As you plan out your meals, use the strategy of filling half of your plate with fruits and vegetables at every single meal. They are high in fiber, which will help you to stay satisfied for longer. They are also going to give you the nutrients that you want without any of the filler that you don’t. You will naturally cut your intake because they are lower in calories overall and yet they are a delicious and nutritious addition to any meal. This is a sound nutrition strategy to use moving forward for a number of reasons!


Do away with the condiments and use natural fillers instead: When you add mayonnaise, ketchup, and BBQ sauce to your meals you are taking in calories that you don’t need. You don’t even realize how many calories are in these condiments and they add in an unnecessary taste anyhow. Instead, try to use avocado for a great sandwich topper. Use a touch of olive oil and plenty of vinegar for your salad. Try to add in fresh herbs for a better taste and one of the best ways to cut calories. You will love the fresher taste and just how many calories you ultimately save yourself as well.


Make a lean protein the main star: Not all proteins are created equal and if you opt for the lean protein you save yourself a ton of calories in the process. Focus on lean cuts of chicken, turkey, beef, and pork. Substitute fish or even a non-meat option such as tofu for your favorite protein at a meal. Add more beans, nuts, and legumes to your meals so that you take in the protein but without all of the unwanted calories. It makes for a wonderful way to cut out the fat and calories and still get that protein that you need in a much leaner way.


Watch your portions and learn to focus on what you really need: If you are trying to look for the best ways to cut calories then it’s all about portion control. You can still enjoy some of your favorite foods but just eat less of them. Make a concerted effort to weigh out your food or just figure out what you truly need and not just what you want. It’s all within your control and this will all help you to learn to listen to your body more effectively as well. This is how to protect your health and enjoy losing the weight in the most effective way possible!