Tips to Trick Your Kids into Eating Healthy Foods

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If you are a parent who feels lost in this area, realize that there are some great ways to trick your kids into eating healthy foods. It may seem impossible because you try and try to get them to eat the right things, to little avail. Some kids are extremely picky no matter what you do. It may seem as if all hope is lost, but the truth is that you can work in some healthy foods without them even noticing. You do have to be a bit creative and perhaps even sneaky; but if you play your cards right, your kids could be enjoying healthy food before you know it. They never have to know the truth, yet you will be one happy parent.


As you consider how to trick your kids into eating healthy foods, think of foods that allow more room for creativity. Start with something that looks delicious, like a smoothie. To children, this is just a milkshake, and they think it’s a treat. If you combine other healthy ingredients with the milk or yogurt, though, they will never be the wiser. Mix in kale, spinach, carrots, apples, berries, and banana with the milk or yogurt and you will have a true health drink. Not only will the kids slurp it up but they also won’t realize just how healthy it is. Most of the time, you can pack in the nutrients without the kids being any wiser to it.


Get Creative and Make Adjustments


As you work to trick your kids into eating healthy foods, you also want to think about their favorite foods, which you can perhaps adjust a bit. Take some favorites like spaghetti or pizza because those work well as foundations. Add a bit of chopped peppers, shredded carrots, or even minced broccoli into the sauce. You can puree it all together; and, to your child, it will just be the usual sauce. You, however, will know the truth! Your kids will eat up their favorite dishes without ever having to know that it’s actually good for them. You will be amazed at how well this approach works!


Another final way to trick your kids into eating healthy foods is to think outside the box. Take a regular roll-up sandwich and turn it into some awesome “veggie sushi.” If you add some shredded carrots and chopped cucumber to their favorite toppings, the kids won’t even be aware of the healthy part of the equation. You can also put chopped spinach or zucchini into muffins or brownies. Guess who will be eating up those treats, which just happen to be healthy? This is how you get even the pickiest kids to eat well, allowing you to relax and enjoy the healthy food along with them!