Free Diet Planner

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The Free Diet Planner assists you in establishing a pattern for healthier eating, and will show you about how much you should consume per day when dieting. Before beginning any diet planning you should meet with your physician or personal nutritionist to establish your 'official' diet game plan and goals.


How to Select a Healthy Meal Plan

When selecting a healthy meal plan, make sure you are consuming a balanced and complete diet. Your assignment is to set realistic and attainable diet goals. Start by following the simple guidelines below.


Nutritional and Diet Guidelines

  1. Commit to consuming 4 - 6 small meals and snacks everyday.
  2. To succeed, you must plan ahead by packing your foods the night before. Thus, you should always have fresh and low-fat foods around.
  3. Keep it simple. Don't get too caught up on the specifics or your diet. Start by simply just counting calories.
  4. Eat your foods slower.
  5. Make healthier food selections like fruits, vegetables, whole grain cereals, and beans, low-fat or nonfat dairy products, low fat meats, fish and skinless poultry.
  6. Avoid foods that are high in fat and calories.
  7. Avoid foods that are high in sugars such as pastries, candy bars, pies and candy.
  8. Use a variety of fruits and vegetables in your nutrition plan. Start by trying to eat 5 total vegetable and fruit servings every single day.


Try the Free Meal Planner, developed by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services National Institutes of Health, at