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Specific diet plans can be used for particular health conditions, or if you have special dietary needs. Examples of diet plans include: detox or cleansing diets, food-menus for digestive disorders like IBS, diverticulitis and candida, gluten-free diets, lactose-free foods, diets for vegetarians, foods to reduce cholesterol, a sample diet-menu for diabetics, as well as eating plans for people suffering from arthritis, weight gain during menopause and patients after gastric bypass surgery.

 The diet plans that this site offers are for general information purposes only. If you have a specific health condition, please speak to your doctor or health care provider to develop a diet plan specificly for you.

Free Diet Plans 

Weight Management
Diet Plans 

Calorie Controlled Diets

1000 Calorie Diet Plan
1200 Calorie Diet Plan
1600 Calorie Diet Plan
1800 Calorie Diet Plan
2000 Calorie Diet Plan

Diet Plans for After Obesity Surgery

Diet After Gastric Bypass
Liquid Diets
Semi-Solid Diet After Bypass
Long Term Diet After Surgery
Questions on Gastric Bypass Diet

Diets For Men

Dieting Advice For Men
Diet For Men

Diets for Weight Gain

Weight Gain Diet
Weight Gain Diet 1
Weight Gain Diet 2
Bodybuilding Diet

Diets From Around the World

Japanese Diet
Kosher Diet
Health Benefits of Curry
Mediterranean Diet

Dietary Health &
Nutrition Diet Plans 

Children and Teenagers

Diet Advice For Children/Teens
Calorie Needs For Children
Diet For Children
Diet Snacks
Calorie Needs For Teens
Diet For Teenagers 

Detox/Cleansing Diets

Detox Diet
Detox Diet Plan 

Elderly/Seniors Health Diets

Seniors Diet
Seniors Diet Plan

Vegetarian Diets

Vegetarian Diet
Vegetarian Diet Plan
Vegetarian Weight Loss 

Macrobiotic Diets

Macrobiotic Diet Guidelines
About Macrobiotic Diet

Women's Health Diets

PMS Diet

PMS Diet
PMS Diet Plan

Perimenopause and Postmenopause Diet

Menopause Diet
Menopause Diet Plan


Food Intolerance &
Allergy Diets


Food Intolerance Diet
Candida Diet
Elimination Diet


Gluten Intolerance Diet
Gluten Free Diet
Gluten-Free Diet Advice


Lactose Intolerance Diet
Lactose Intolerance Diet
About Lactose Intolerance

Diets for Health Conditions

Diet for Depression

Diet for Depression

Diet for Alcoholism/Heavy Drinkers

Diet For Alcoholics

Arthritis Diet
Arthritis Diet
Foods to Avoid
Arthritis Diet Plan
Gout Diet

Asthma Attacks
Asthma Diet Advice

Cancer Diet Advice
Diet For Cigarette Smokers

Diabetes (Type 1, Type 2)
Diabetes & Diet
Foods & Blood Glucose
Exercise & Hypoglycemia
Diabetic Diet Food Pyramid
Calories & Food Servings
Diabetes Diet Information
Diabetic Diet Tips
Insulin Resistance Diet

Diet Advice For Migraine Attack 

Heart Health
Cholesterol and Diet
Healthy Cholesterol Levels
Cholesterol Lowering Diet
Low Cholesterol Diet Plan
Diet to Lower Cholesterol
High Cholesterol Foods
Healthy Heart Diet
Healthy Heart Diet Plan
Blood Pressure Diet
Blood Pressure
Low Sodium Diet
Dash Diet

Herpes Prevention Diet


Feingold Diet Program
Diet and Hyperactivity
Diets For ADD and ADHD
Low Sugar Diets For Hyperactivity
Hypoallergenic Diets
Diet Nutrition For ADD/ADHD
Fatty Acids and Hyperactivity

Irritable Bowel IBS Diet
IBS Diet Foods
IBS Diet Plan

Immune System
Immune Strengthening Diet
Immune Strenghtening Diet Plan

Kidney Disease
Renal Diet Guidelines
About Renal Diet
Renal Diet Plan
Renal Diet Support 

Osteoporosis Diet
Foods to Avoid
Osteoporosis Diet Plan
Osteoporosis Health



Diet For Constipation

Inflammatory Bowel Disease
Crohn's Disease 

Ulcer Diet

Diverticulitis Diet