Calorie Based Diets

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Calorie counting is considered a very effective weight loss method because, unlike following a pre-planned diet program, it helps you to learn real facts about the food you eat and what your body really needs. So when you calorie count your way to your weight loss goal you're much better equipped to maintain your new weight.


There are a few common methods for keeping track of daily calories consumed in you diet. These methods include using weight loss software that calculate and keep track of your calories, and keeping a diet diary.


There are many free calorie-counters available online that will calculate an estimate of the calories in all types of foods, for example caloriecount.about.com. Some of these programs also set up a diet diary for you to keep track of your daily calories.


Why do Calorie Based Diets keep track of calories consumed per day?

Calorie-Counting diets are structured diets that restrict the amount of food you eat each day based on their calorie content. Calorie-Counting diets will provide fewer calories than an average persons body will burn each day, which forces the body to consume stored calories, or fat.


People can easily follow their own calorie-counting program as well, by calculating their estimated Daily Calorie Intake (amount of calories they burn each day) and then reducing their daily calorie intake by 500 calories. By doing this, over a week's period, an average person will burn 3500 calories of stored fat, which is the equivalent to one pound of fat lost.


*The information and reviews provided for these Calorie Based Diets is for informational purposes only. Weight Loss Center does not endorse any of these weight loss programs as a safe or effective means to lose weight.


Calorie Based Diets Reviews

  • Better Homes and Gardens Diet
    Better Homes and Gardens Diet
    This is the diet for people who love to cook. The New Dieters Cookbook put out by Better Homes and Gardens magazine is a calorie counting approach to food intake. Based on an outdated version of the USDA Food Guide Pyramid it determines your optimal caloric intake by... [+]Read Review
  • Mariah Carey Diet
    Mariah Carey Diet
    Which diet you might ask. Mariah Carey world famous pop/rhythm & blues singer isn’t shy with her diet advice. Most recently she credits her “morsel diet” to losing 32 pounds in four months. This diet, of her own creation, is to “eat a little bit of anything you want to... [+]Read Review
  • Negative Calorie Diet
    Negative Calorie Diet
    The theory behind the Negative Calorie diet is extremely appealing. It works on the idea that your body has to burn energy in order to digest certain foods. As a consequence, your body is actually burning fat. Take for example – an orange, which may contain 50... [+]Read Review
  • The Biggest Loser Diet
    The Biggest Loser Diet
      Some of you have already heard of the the TV show called the Biggest Loser. For those who haven’t, its basically a program the presents overweight people competing agiant each other to archive a new body. The Biggest Loser Club is the same as the TV show, but all... [+]Read Review
  • The Traffic Light Diet
    The Traffic Light Diet
    The Traffic Light Diet received its name from the color coding it uses in terms of distinguishing among foods that should be eaten, should be avoided, or should be eaten in moderation – based on the typical stoplight. The Traffic Light Diet is based upon calorie... [+]Read Review
  • Weight Watchers
    Weight Watchers
      Weight Watchers is one of the best known diets around. Its been running for over 40 years. This diet has survived so many years because it’s a program that truly works and gives results. If you do a simple search in Google for “Weight Watchers,” you will find... [+]Read Review

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