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Weight Loss Center Free Exercise Ticker Generator

Add Free Exercise Tickers to your profile, website, forum or blog!

Weight Loss Center's free animated exercise tickers are a fun way to track your fitness progress. Easily add them to your online profile, blogs, forums, myspace and more! Choose from a wide selection of colorful backgrounds and icons, even animated ones, that match your own personal style. Weight Loss Center provides these exercise tickers and fitness tickers so you can make keeping track of your progress fun and motivating. You can also make your own weight loss tickers to accompany your exercise tickers - all for free!

How Do I Design My Own Free Exercise Fitness Ticker?

Designing and setting up your free exercise and fitness tickers is very simple.

  1. Choose a background for your ticker from fifty original designs.
  2. Choose your icon that will track your progress from 50 fun images, including animated icons.
  3. Choose a password and fill in your exercise units, current total and goal amount.
  4. Type in a short personal message if you like.
  5. Click “Save” and your new exercise ticker is done and ready to be added to your website, forum or blog.

Are you ready to begin designing your own exercise ticker?

Click Here to make a Free Exercise Fitness Ticker!

Sample Exercise Fitness Tickers


free exercise ticker sample

Animated Exercise Tickers

Weight Loss center Sample Free Exercise ticker