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Gourmand Syndrome

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While it might not sound like the worst medical condition, Gourmand Syndrome can certainly cause troubles for the sufferer. Not only do one’s taste buds appear to change, but the shift in one’s eating can lead to long term troubles. Though scientists are in clear agreement this syndrome is the result of a brain injury, they are not clear as to how to fix the problem – or if it should be fixed at all. Here is what you need to know about Gourmand Syndrome.


The Cause of Gourmand Syndrome

What many people don’t realize is that the brain is in control of all of the senses – sight, smell, taste, hearing, and touch. And while one might take any or all of these senses for granted, when the brain is injured, the sense are directly affected.


In the case of Gourmand Syndrome, those who suffer from this condition are generally those who have an anterior lobe brain injury. This might be caused by a car accident or some other trauma to the head. It will take a substantial blow in order to cause brain injury, so a slight knock to the skull will probably not cause the syndrome. Skiers, athletes, and those in traumatic accidents are at the highest risk of Gourmand Syndrome. If the head is hurting afterward, there is a loss of consciousness, or there is some sort of confusion after a fall or blow, it’s best to see a doctor for further testing.


The Symptoms of Gourmand Syndrome

Unlike other brain injuries in which one’s skill sets might be restricted after the fact, with Gourmand Syndrome, the sufferer is actually going to experience more sensations as related to food. Those with Gourmand Syndrome have a craving for gourmet foods and gourmet meals. Their palette shifts and they are unable to eat anything else but foods which are exquisitely prepared. As a result, they have to either begin to make these foods or they need to dine at very expensive restaurants to get the foods they crave. Again, while this does not seem to be a problem, it can cause financial woes for those without a lot of money to spend on food. In addition, those who have Gourmand Syndrome can only eat in certain places or have certain means, making eating more of a challenge for the sufferer and for those in their family or group of friends. Patients can also suffer from weight gain as they begin to eat richer foods more frequently.

Gourmand Syndrome Treatment

The main concern with Gourmand Syndrome is that it does not seem to be treatable at the present time. While brain surgery can be indicated, this is not possible in all cases. For most, the problem is one which simply must be dealt with on a per meal basis, slowly helping the sufferer eat ‘normal’ foods as well as the gourmet meals they crave.


While Gourmand Syndrome is a benign condition and one in which the person simply derives pleasure from a new set of foods, the potential for anxiety and financial strain is still concerning, though life may become more delicious.