Phendimetrazine Diet Pills

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Phendimetrazine is a form of prescription diet pill that is the generic form of a drug that is often sold under brand names such as Adipost, Bontril®, and Melfiat. It is a medication that is classed as a sympathomimetic amine. It is also commonly known as an “anorectic” or “anorexigenic” type of medication. This form of chemical works in the brain and the body in a way that can be compared to amphetamines.


Phendimetrazine is formulated for use over a short period of time, which usually consists of only a few weeks. It shouldn’t be used over a longer period of time, as the body builds a tolerance to it and will only cause withdrawal symptoms to occur if it is used any longer than a short time.


30 Tablet (1 Month)


90 Tablets (3 Months)



How Phendimetrazine Works

 Phendimetrazine is an anoretic and can promote weight loss when used in conjunction a diet plan. 

Trade Names Bontril®, Adipost, Anorex-SR, Appecon, Melfiat, Obezine, Phendiet, Plegine, Prelu-2, Statobex
Pregnancy Category C (US)
Elimination Half-life‎ 19-24 hours
Controlled Substance Schedule III


The way that Phendimetrazine works is by providing the body and brain nerves (known together as the central nervous system) with stimulation so that the heart rate will increase and the blood pressure will rise. As a result of this effect, the user’s appetite decreases. This way, the brain doesn’t send the body as many sensations of being hungry, so it is easier to eat less food without feeling uncomfortable.


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Because it is primarily an appetite suppressant and an energy booster, it will not cause the weight to reduce all on its own. Instead, it helps the user to reduce his or her weight through the adoption of proper natural dieting techniques such as a calorie reduced, healthy meal plan and a regular daily exercise routine. This entire program will be developed with the help of a doctor and may also include the assistance of a personal trainer and a nutritionist or dietician.


Phendimetrazine: Is It Right For You?

Though this is an effective weight loss medication, Phendimetrazine is not meant for just anyone who wants to shed a few pounds. Instead, it is designed specifically for individuals who are struggling with obesity and who have an increased risk of certain serious medical conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, and high cholesterol as a result of the additional weight. This drug helps to reduce the weight in order to improve the patient’s health and decrease the risk of those conditions.


It is important to follow the prescription directions very closely when taking Phendimetrazine. This will help to make certain that it will be as effective as possible, but it will also ensure that it is being taken safely, with the lowest risk of uncomfortable side effects.


How to Take Phendimetrazine Safely

Understanding how to take phendimetrazine safely is key to getting the most out of your prescription while avoiding side effects.  Begin by following the dosage directions exactly as your doctor prescribed them.


If you have any questions about what those instructions mean, ask your doctor or your pharmacist.  That way, you will ensure you’re promoting the best possible phendimetrazine weight loss effects possible.  At the same time, you’ll help yourself to keep away from some of the less pleasant sides of this drug.


That said, before you start taking your pills, make sure you do understand those potential downsides.  This includes the phendimetrazine side effects that may occur. Despite the fact that the FDA has approved this drug, it is a controlled substance for a reason.  Though some of the most common side effects include headache or jitters, there is a risk of increased heart rate, higher blood pressure, and even more severe symptoms such as convulsions.  Taking your pills as recommended will help you to lower your risk of severe side effects.

Furthermore, sticking to the recommended dosing instructions also helps you to keep phendimetrazine withdrawal at bay.  This drug is addictive, so if you use it too frequently or for too long, the pill will become decreasingly effective and you will risk facing withdrawal symptoms once you stop using it.  It’s important never to stop the use of this pill without your doctor’s guidance, unless you are suffering from an allergic reaction or severe side effects.  Many users will need to wean themselves off their phendimetrazine schedule gradually to avoid unwanted effects.


You should also be aware of possible phendimetrazine contradictions.  It is possible for a conflict to occur between this medication and other drugs, supplements or even foods.  Discuss any prescription or non-prescriptions you’re taking now, have taken recently or plan to take while you’re using your obesity drug.  Don’t fail to mention any dietary supplements you’re taking or any health conditions you may have.  This will help your doctor to make sure this prescription will be appropriate for you instead of a phendimetrazine alternative.


What to Expect from Phendimetrazine vs Phentermine


Both of these prescription diet drugs are meant to provide you with similar benefits.  The choice as to which one is best for you is something you and your doctor will need to discuss together.  There are many reasons that one may be chosen over the other.  As is the case with phentermine, phendimetrazine is a fat burner.  You can also use Phendimetrazine for energy and to help suppress your appetite as you can with phentermine.


That said, despite the effects they have in common, they are still two different drugs.  If you are looking for a phendimetrazine alternative, phentermine can sometimes be the obesity treatment you’re seeking.  The phendimetrazine effects you experience are likely to be comparable to those of phentermine.  If you’re not sure which drug you would prefer, and which is more appropriate for you, discuss the two options with your doctor.

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