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Lifestyle Based Diets do not only modify your food choices to a healthier diet, but also incorporate exercise and a healthier lifestyle. Lifestyle diets are particularly helpful for people who not only need help to change their diets, but also need support for daily exercise and making healthy life choices. 

Lifestyle based diets, when completed, give the dieter a better sense of how to eat a healthier diet and the importance of regular activity. Lifestyle based diets, above all other types of diets, give people the information and ability not only to lose weight, but to achieve long-term weight management.

*The information and reviews provided for these Lifestyle Based Diets is for informational purposes only. Weight Loss Center does not endorse any of these weight loss programs as a safe or effective means to lose weight.

Lifestyle Based Diets Reviews

  • 12 Weeks to Weight Loss and Wellness Diet Program - Overview and Reviews
    12 Weeks to Weight Loss and Wellness Diet Program - Overview and Reviews
    The 12 Weeks to Weight Loss and Wellness diet program, products and workbook provide a comprehensive and sensible approach to a lasting lifestyle change and long-term weight control. This weight loss program is based on solid evidence and sound principles of ongoing... [+]Read Review
  • 5-Factor Diet
    5-Factor Diet
    The 5-Factor Diet was created by Author and Fitness Trainer Harvey Pasternak, who has been linked with many celebrities such as; John Mayer, Jessica Simpson, Orlando Bloom, Alicia Keys, Kanye West, and Halle Berry. Pasternak first wrote 5 Factor Fitness in 2004. He... [+]Read Review
  • Cal-a-Vie Spa
    Cal-a-Vie Spa
      Welcome to Cal-a-Vie! A health spa vacation retreat north of San Diego where guests come to be nurtured and inspired. A visit to this top California health spa will revitalize the body, mind and spirit. Nestled away on 200 private acres in Vista, just 40 miles north... [+]Read Review
  • Canyon Ranch Spa
    Canyon Ranch Spa
      Imagine a place where everything you see, do and learn helps you become the healthiest, happiest you. At world-renowned Canyon Ranch resorts in Tucson, Arizona and Lenox, Massachusetts, your luxury vacation is an all-healthy, all-inclusive experience that brings out the... [+]Read Review
  • Celebrity Fit Club
    Celebrity Fit Club
      With many of today’s television shows offer some form of reality showing contestants going through the ups and downs of weight loss, the Celebrity Fit Club is no exception. This series shows celebrities engaged in dieting and successfully shedding unwanted pounds and... [+]Read Review
  • Coastal Trek Health and Fitness Resort
    Coastal Trek Health and Fitness Resort
      Welcome to Coastal Trek Health & Fitness Resort - a beautiful new all-inclusive destination resort perched atop picturesque Forbidden Plateau on Vancouver Island. Coastal Trek offers personalized health, hiking and fitness programs. If you need a place to get... [+]Read Review
  • DASH Diet
    DASH Diet
    The DASH diet is not primarily designed for weight loss. The Dash Diet - or the Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension (DASH) eating plan - is designed (along with reduced salt intake) to reduce (or prevent the onset of) high blood pressure (hypertension) and boost... [+]Read Review
  • dLife Diabetes Diet Review
    dLife Diabetes Diet Review
      Since illness affects people of all shapes and sizes, trying to find a diet plan to accommodate special health requirements might be harder than it is for most. With those suffering from diabetes, there are some forms of the condition that affect those who are... [+]Read Review
  • Dr. Bernstein Diet Review
    Dr. Bernstein Diet Review
      A new diet plan that uses the help of registered nurses and requires regular doctor’s supervision and visits for progress reports, Dr. Bernstein’s diet plan promises dieters that they will lose 16-20 pounds each month if they do everything required of them and follow... [+]Read Review
  • Dr. Kushners Personality Diet
    Dr. Kushners Personality Diet
      For individuals looking for a diet different from all the rest, Dr. Kushner’s Personality Diet might be right up your alley. Aside from the basic formula of fasting, reducing calories and exercising to lose weight, Dr. Kushner also offers a personality quiz to figure... [+]Read Review
  • Dr. Phils Ultimate Weight Solution
    Dr. Phils Ultimate Weight Solution
      Many people are familiar with Dr. Phil and his “tell it like it is” persona, and his weight loss program is not much different. Unlike other plans that give individuals their calorie restrictions, Dr. Phil brings awareness to why those individuals who are eating more... [+]Read Review
  • French Women Don’t Get Fat Diet
    French Women Don’t Get Fat Diet
    According to Mireille Guiliano author of “French Women Don’t Get Fat” the reason they don’t is because of all things French. Like the European lifestyle, the excellent food and wines, and especially the attitude of eating for pleasure. She strives to teach the reader... [+]Read Review
  • Gold Coast Cure
    Gold Coast Cure
    An ‘alternative’ wellness program created to alleviate health problems, the Gold Coast Cure claims success in the treatment and prevention of such medical conditions as inflammatory diseases, debilitation from chronic pain, and even MS (Multiple Sclerosis). The... [+]Read Review
  • Golden Door Spa
    Golden Door Spa
      Experience the extraordinary Golden Door - the number one stand-alone spa in the nation, according to the Zagat Survey of Top U.S. Hotels, Resorts, and Spas (2006). Join us for a weeklong stay that is often described by guests as life-changing. For one week, leave the... [+]Read Review
  • Grail Springs Spa
    Grail Springs Spa
      Grail Springs, Canada\'s premiere health spa and wellness retreat centre located north of Toronto, Ontario. Grail Springs lies in one of the most beautiful regions of Canada, in the heart of the Ancient Granite Highlands. Grail Springs is surrounded by many hundred... [+]Read Review
  • Grandmas Healthy Kids Club
    Grandmas Healthy Kids Club
    With about 30% of our children now overweight or obese, parents are looking for a child-friendly approach to helping their children lose weight safely. The emotional pain of being overweight is especially difficult for children, and they also face increased chances of... [+]Read Review
  • Health Management Resources
    Health Management Resources
    For those looking to lose a few pounds, a conventional diet works well to offer the results they are looking for. However, for those individuals considered high risk or morbidly obese, Health Management Resources utilizes the expertise and training of doctors and... [+]Read Review
  • Healthier Weight Centers
    Healthier Weight Centers
      Unlike many weight loss programs, Healthier Weight Centers uses a healthy approach to losing weight and encouraging individuals to make lifelong behavior changes. Featured in the United Kingdom, Healthier Weight Centers offers individuals who need to lose thirty or... [+]Read Review
  • Hilton Head Health
    Hilton Head Health
      Hilton Head Health is an exclusive weight loss spa located on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. After 30 years of weight loss success, Hilton Head Health continues to provide each Guest with the information and motivation they need to achieve a healthy lifestyle... [+]Read Review
  • Institute of Lifesytle and Weight Management
    Institute of Lifesytle and Weight Management
    A multitude of diets that have been around for years have a low success rate particularly because they can not be sustained over long periods of time. The Institute of Lifestyle and Weight Management focuses their efforts on preventing obesity, and treating those who... [+]Read Review
  • La Jolla Weight Loss Program
    La Jolla Weight Loss Program
    A weight loss center set in the beautiful city of La Jolla, California, the La Jolla Weight Loss Program offers support to those who need to lose large amounts of weight in a supervised setting. With its variety of tools, the La Jolla Weight Loss Program offers... [+]Read Review
  • LA Weight Loss
    LA Weight Loss
    LA Weight Loss Centers is a diet and weight loss program based on reduced caloric intake along with nutrition bars and supplements, behavior modification, and personal counseling. They focus aggressively on selling their nutrition bars called L.A. Lites, in addition... [+]Read Review
  • Lake Austin Spa Resort
    Lake Austin Spa Resort
      Whether you\'re looking for pure relaxation, an escape from the stresses of daily life, beginning a wellness plan, or simply to enjoy special time with friends or family, we provide an all-encompassing destination spa experience to serve your needs. Recently voted the... [+]Read Review
  • Lean Plate Club
    Lean Plate Club
    As the name suggests, the Lean Plate Club is a program that was designed to educate others regarding the importance of making healthier life choices, eating choices and learning positive habits for lifelong well-being. Since there is no “lose weight quick” claims or... [+]Read Review
  • Mayflower Inn and Spa
    Mayflower Inn and Spa
      At Mayflower Inn & Spa our intention is to help you reveal your best personal self through a mix of relaxing and invigorating experiences. You will discover Active Body choices from challenging to restorative, Mind-Spirit offerings to inspire, Spa Treatments to... [+]Read Review
  • Mediterranean Diet
    Mediterranean Diet
    The Mediterranean diet is not a specific diet plan or diet program but a collection of eating habits that are traditionally followed by the people of the Mediterranean region. There are at least 16 countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea and food habits vary between... [+]Read Review
  • Miraval Health Spa Resort
    Miraval Health Spa Resort
      Miraval is the world\'s premier destination for helping people bring their lives into balance by learning to live mindfully. The Miraval experience is about learning to live in, enjoy and appreciate each moment and in so doing, creating a personal path to greater... [+]Read Review
  • Mountain Trek Fitness Retreat and Health Spa
    Mountain Trek Fitness Retreat and Health Spa
      Mountain Trek offers all-inclusive packaged land vacations and programs at our exclusive lodge on southeastern British Columbia. These packages are comprised of the elements that we have determined are the best balance of fitness, fun, and relaxation for a healthy... [+]Read Review
  • Natural Physical Conditioning Weight Loss Holidays
    Natural Physical Conditioning Weight Loss Holidays
      Welcome to Natural Physical Conditioning’s weight loss and fitness holidays. We offer health, fitness and weight loss vacations set in the heart of the stunning Scottish Highlands on a vast private estate. Our weight loss and fitness holidays are designed to help you... [+]Read Review
  • Okinawa Diet Plan
    Okinawa Diet Plan
    Who doesn’t want to live to be a hundred (or more) with the health and stamina of a much younger self? Okinawans are the world leaders with regards to having the highest population of lean and healthy centenarians and they attribute it all to their diet and lifestyle... [+]Read Review
  • Rachel Ray Diet
    Rachel Ray Diet
    Rachel Ray’s very practical approach to diet is to simply eat less and move more. She suggests eating well, moderating the foods you shouldn’t eat and breaking the rules once in a while. Her personal recipe for optimal health combines this style of eating along with... [+]Read Review
  • Red Mountain Spa
    Red Mountain Spa
      Few places on earth match the beauty and tranquility of the red rocks surrounding St. George, Utah. Few places on earth offer such a vast selection of healthy living activities, dining, spa, and recreational services than Red Mountain Spa.   Red Mountain Spa Programs   Get... [+]Read Review
  • Sonoma Diet
    Sonoma Diet
    The Sonoma Diet is one of the best diet programs in the weight loss market. This diet does not consist of dramatic restrictions of food groups and the best part is that you don’t have to count calories. The person who writes the Sonoma book is called Connie Guttersen... [+]Read Review
  • South Beach Diet
    South Beach Diet
    The South Beach Diet is a relatively new weight loss diet even though the South Beach Diet has been said to be an improved version of the former Atkins Diet plan. The South Beach Diet concentrates on choosing the right carbs and the right fats. With the South Beach... [+]Read Review
  • Stobo Castle Health Spa
    Stobo Castle Health Spa
      Stobo Castle Health Spa means many different things to guests who come back to us year after year. Some join us for relaxation and pampering; some for rest among tranquil Scottish surroundings, or exercise and toning. Others are simply seeking a personal treat or... [+]Read Review
  • The 3 Hour Diet
    The 3 Hour Diet
      The 3 Hour Diet is the brainchild of Californian AOL weight loss and fitness coach Jorge Cruise, touted as “America’s Leading Weight Loss Expert” and author of The 3 Hour Diet: How Low-Carb Diets Make You Fat and Timing Makes You Thin. The power behind this diet lies in... [+]Read Review
  • The Abs Diet
    The Abs Diet
      More food (of the right kind) plus more muscle equals less flab. That is the premise put forward by David Zinczenko Editor in Chief of Men’s Health Magazine in his books ‘the Abs Diet’ and ‘The Abs Diet for Women’. Published in 2004 ‘the Abs Diet’ was followed in 2007... [+]Read Review
  • The Body by God Diet
    The Body by God Diet
      Grab your bibles and get thumping. Published in 2003 the best selling book Body by God: The Owner’s Manual for Maximized Living written by Florida based chiropractor Dr. Ben Lerner is in his words an “un-diet”. The former wrestler and Olympic coach’s’ faith-based and... [+]Read Review
  • The Bonus Years Diet
    The Bonus Years Diet
     If you have never heard of the bonus years diet, this is definitely one to pay attention to. Amidst all of the other diets out there that promote weight loss specifically, this is a diet that promotes longevity and better health. Sure you are going to lose weight if... [+]Read Review
  • The Duke Diet
    The Duke Diet
    Created forty years ago, this weight loss program comes from the prestigious Duke University Diet and Fitness Center. Now available on-line at the Duke Diet web-site, for years it was available only by attending the North Carolina campus. The diet is highly regarded... [+]Read Review
  • The Engine 2 Diet
    The Engine 2 Diet
      There are plenty of diets out there that will help you lose weight, but how much more will these diets do? Losing weight is great, but if you can get more from an eating plan, that is something to really smile about. The Engine 2 diet, developed by fireman Rip... [+]Read Review
  • The Entrepreneur Diet
    The Entrepreneur Diet
    The Entrepreneur Diet is for those who have a very busy life style. The book was written by the founder of Men’s Fitness magazine, Tom Weede. The book takes a straight headed approach to diet and overall health. It is especially made for those entrepreneurs who have... [+]Read Review
  • The Fat Smash Diet
    The Fat Smash Diet
    The Fat Smash Diet is a diet created by Dr. Ian K. Smith best known from VH1\'s Celebrity Fit Club. Fat Smash is part of a \"new wave\" of diet approaches that are very healthy and sustainable over the long term. The single most important aspect of the diet is the... [+]Read Review
  • The Full Plate Diet
    The Full Plate Diet
    Among the many books currently donning today’s bookstore shelves in the diet and nutrition section is the Full Plate Diet. This book was recent released to mixed reviews. Typically speaking, the feedback it has received has included people who have been happy with... [+]Read Review
  • The Gabriel Method
    The Gabriel Method
    The creator of the Gabriel Method claims to have lost 220 pounds without dieting, exercise, drugs, or complicated meal plans. For this reason, it does make sense that this is not called a diet but a method instead. This method is something that is a bit like mind over... [+]Read Review
  • The Good Mood Diet
    The Good Mood Diet
    The Good Mood Diet is a culmination of 25 years of work by Susan Kleiner in the field of nutrition, fitness and health. The Good Mood Diet nourishes your brain and your body and offers a diet philosophy, an approach to life and food. Put together, it will give you... [+]Read Review
  • The Lose Weight Diet
    The Lose Weight Diet
    The idea behind this completely free weight loss diet plan, The Lose Weight Diet, is quite simple - it doesn't rely on gimmicks or sales strategies to gear you towards the program. In fact, The Lose Weight Diet is based strictly on common sense and the simplest and... [+]Read Review
  • The Mayo Clinic Diet
    The Mayo Clinic Diet
    It would depend of course on which Mayo Clinic Diet to which you are referring. The first one called the Mayo Clinic Diet has been around a long time and has been completely debunked by the actual Mayo Clinic. There are many variations on this diet out there and can... [+]Read Review
  • The Oprah Diet
    The Oprah Diet
      Few people have had as much public attention paid to their struggles with shedding and gaining pounds as Oprah Winfrey. Where does one of the richest women in the world, a woman who can buy a small country and then give each of its citizens a brand new car, turn for... [+]Read Review
  • The Reverse Diet
    The Reverse Diet
    The Reverse Diet is Tricia Cunningham. The ideology of eating “Dinner for Breakfast and Breakfast for Dinner” is the sole premise of this diet; at least on the surface. Or at least that is the part grabbing our attention. Her recipes include Splenda, lots of Tofu,... [+]Read Review
  • The Rice Diet Program
    The Rice Diet Program
    The Rice Diet is an outpatient day program located at a Durham North Carolina clinic that specializes in weight related diseases and reversing obesity. The clinic is called “Rice House” and the attendees are referred to as “ricers”. The Rice Diet program is well known... [+]Read Review
  • The Rosedale Diet
    The Rosedale Diet
    Dr. Ron Rosedale, an expert on metabolism and the head of Advanced Metabolic Labs, has come up with yet another low carb diet but with a twist. Through research he has learned that controlling leptin, a hormone that controls hunger, is the answer to weight loss. Other... [+]Read Review
  • The Ultimate Sex Diet
    The Ultimate Sex Diet
    Sex, sex and more sex is the prescription for weight loss found in the pages of Kerry McCloskey’s book ‘The Ultimate Sex Diet: The Super Sex Diet That Works”. The author recommends participating in loving sexual intercourse three to five times during the week and once... [+]Read Review
  • The Volumetrics Eating Plan
    The Volumetrics Eating Plan
    Do you want a diet plan that lets you eat as much as you want to, whenever you’re hungry, not have to sacrifice any one food group, is well balanced nutritionally, easy to follow, and inexpensive, and also happens to reduce weight without being a gimmick, fad or... [+]Read Review
  • Wysong Weight Loss Program
    Wysong Weight Loss Program
    The Wysong Weight Loss Program, unlike most programs available, has as its primary goal education and personal empowerment. By learning the fundamentals of where humans are in the natural scheme of things, insight is gained as to why people become overweight, and why... [+]Read Review