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dLife Diabetes Diet Review

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Since illness affects people of all shapes and sizes, trying to find a diet plan to accommodate special health requirements might be harder than it is for most. With those suffering from diabetes, there are some forms of the condition that affect those who are overweight or obese. Since those suffering from diabetes need to follow a stricter eating plan, the dLife Diabetes Diet is designed for those who need to be very careful about blood sugar levels, as well as other health issues.


The dLife Diabetes diet was created by experts familiar with diabetes and who know exactly what a diabetic individual needs both physically and nutritionally. This web-based program makes it convenient to use on a daily basis, containing all the tools a diabetic individual needs to lose weight the healthy way, including a blood sugar and weight trackers and recipes specially designed for a diabetic diet. As a diabetic, individuals might have different needs when joining a diet program and the dLife Diabetes Diet offers three plans: Meal Planning, Weight Loss and Blood Sugar Management.


Unlike other diets that encourage individuals to purchase special foods for their plan, the dLife Diabetes Diet simplifies eating for its members. By showing them how to shop for foods at a grocery store, members learn how to buy the proper foods to lose weight, maintain blood sugar levels and even get them started on planning meals at home. The program also helps members learn how to eat balanced portions and make smarter choices when preparing the meals.


The dLife Diabetes Diet follows a 40/30/30 ratio of carbs/protein/fats, so that the nutritional requirements of members are met at optimal levels. When a member first joins the program, they receive a 30-day meal plan that is pre-made and offered with each membership. The dLife Diabetes Diet also allows members to enjoy modified desserts, so they can deal with those overwhelming sweet cravings. By making sure that their members are able to enjoy a variety of foods, they begin to learn how to work around their illness in a healthy manner.


Some pros of using the dLife Diabetes Diet is that everything is there for the member. Shopping lists, meal plans, tracker journals and customized nutrition and exercise plans make it convenient for anyone who is new to the illness or looking to improve their health. The only con of the program is that it is geared only to diabetics, so only those with the illness should use the program.


Aside from the cost of groceries, the dLife Diabetes Diet is affordable with its $20 a month membership for the online plan. Since the plan in purely a web-based program, there are no other fees for food, exercise equipment or meetings.


To get started with the dLife Diabetes Diet program, go to the Diabetes Meal Manager on

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