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5 Signs You Are Sleep Deprived

3 Signs You Are Sleep Deprived and How to Reclaim Your Zzzs

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Did you know that there are many more signs you are sleep deprived than simply feeling tired? That’s just the jumping off point.  If you’re trying to decide whether you’re ready to look for the most helpful sleep supplements, it doesn’t hurt to know whether you’re already getting enough sleep.  You may have an inkling that you’re starved for rest, but with this list of additional symptoms, you’ll be a lot more certain about it.

Watch for These Signs You are Sleep Deprived

Some of these signs you are sleep deprived are more obvious than others.  How many have you been suffering from without even realizing that it has to do with your lack of unconscious hours?  If you’re experiencing more than a couple of these simultaneously, it may be time to consider a supplement to help you to get better rest more consistently.  If you’re facing chronic insomnia – that is, if you’ve been greatly struggling with sleep for more than fourteen days – it’s a good idea to speak with your doctor.

3 Signs You are Sleep Deprived

1.    All You Think About is Bedtime and the Most Helpful Sleep Supplements

This isn’t just a bit of drowsiness in the middle of the afternoon.  If all you’re thinking about from the first thing in the morning until you hit the hay, you should consider it one of the signs you are sleep deprived.  This is a strong feeling in which you are likely weak, unproductive, slow-moving, and could likely be perfectly happy curling up on the floor with your eyes closed.

2.    Hunger Plagues You

When your body and brain aren’t getting the energy they need from getting a good sleep at night, then they will send you signals to find it elsewhere. Typically, this means that you will crave sugary and fatty foods as they are the ones with the calories that will give you an instant boost. Unfortunately, you’re not likely to eat only the number of calories you need and could suffer from weight gain if this happens regularly enough.

3.    You’ve Experienced Weight Gain

One of the frustratingly lasting signs you are sleep deprived is the weight gain. It can feel as though you can’t stop yourself from eating the fatty and sugary foods, and you struggle with portion control. What makes things worse is that when you regularly experience this symptom, the pounds will begin to creep on.  There are few things more challenging than trying to lose weight when you are starved for sleep. Your body and mind sleep to work in direct opposition to your goals.  Getting the rest you need and charging yourself up with energy throughout the day can make weight control considerably easier to achieve.