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Foods for a Bad Memory

5 Foods for a Bad Memory and Weight Loss Problems

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Did you know that there are foods for a bad memory, just as there are those that can help to support the parts of your brain that let you remember things? It’s true.  What you eat can help to give your mind a boost or can make your life more challenging when you’re trying to recall something that happened or just play along with an episode of Jeopardy!

Foods for a Bad Memory Often Lead to Weight Loss Struggles

What’s quite interesting about foods for a bad memory is that they are also often the dishes that will make it harder for you to lose weight.  Therefore, if you’re following a healthy and nutritious weight management strategy as recommended by your doctor, you may also already be steering yourself away from options that aren’t great for your brain.

It’s important to keep in mind – so to speak – that this article is not meant to diagnose or treat any medical conditions. Moreover, it is also not intended to villainize any individual ingredient or combination of them.  Eating a food on this list on rare occasion won’t determine whether or not you’ll have a healthy brain.  This is a discussion of dishes you include in your regular diet.

Why Some Foods are Bad for Your Memory

There are many reasons that foods can be bad for your memory.  The brain is a complex organ and can be affected in a spectrum of ways.  Some foods are believed to contribute to the buildup of plaques, for instance, which are associated with the onset of certain kinds of dementia such as Alzheimer’s, for example.  Others might cause inflammation or other symptoms that can make it more difficult for your brain to operate at it’s best.  Let’s take a closer look.

1 – Added Sugars

That’s right, a top barrier to weight loss is also one of the foods for a bad memory. There are many kinds of sugar, but this isn’t in reference to those occurring in the whole apple you eat. Instead, it’s the added sugars you’ll find in ingredients lists. Research has shown that too much sugar on a regular basis (that is, more than 25 grams of added sugars per day) can lead to memory impairments.  It makes the hippocampus part of the brain – the part controlling memory – less plastic, which means that it can’t adjust, reshape itself and alter its signalling as it typically would.

Fried and Highly Processed Foods

Deep fried foods and those that have been highly processed are a delicious greasy treat but are definitely foods for a bad memory.  Research from Cambridge University shows that eating fried and highly processed foods is not only linked to worsened memory, but also lower learning scores.  It is believed that the inflammation it causes is to blame for that effect.


We all joke about how we’re killing brain cells when we drink too much, but heavy drinking really can do damage to the way your brain works. No, that glass of bubbly at New Year won’t destroy your mind forever, but a wealth of quality research has associated regular alcohol consumption with increased incidence of dementia.