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12 Weeks to Weight Loss and Wellness Diet Program - Overview and Reviews

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The 12 Weeks to Weight Loss and Wellness diet program, products and workbook provide a comprehensive and sensible approach to a lasting lifestyle change and long-term weight control. This weight loss program is based on solid evidence and sound principles of ongoing exercise, healthy balanced eating and behavior modification that are the only real, long-term solution for weight loss!

Seven Steps of the 12 Weeks to Weight Loss and Wellness Diet Program

  • Step One - The WellAware Assessment System includes a Personalized Health Risk Appraisal that provides the participant with a comprehensive report and feedback on specific areas of concern regarding present lifestyle behaviours, as well as information about the effect these behaviours could have on long-term health.
  • Step Two - The Essi System Stress Map is a self-administered self-awareness tool that is the first step to change. It will help the participant to clearly identify where lack of balance and lifestyle compromise may contribute to the individual’s weight challenges.
  • Step Three - The 21 Day action plan for Change Program offers an excellent way for the client to ease into the behaviour change process. Individuals choose an issue identified by the stress map to begin to work toward changing.
  • Step Four - Fitness Program – Once participants have been through the Wellaware System, our online Fitness Coaching service is waiting for you. Individuals are designed customized fitness programs that match their lifestyle profiles, personalities, preferences, time schedules and geographic locations. Since this program is customized to the individual, physical activity will be performed in many different environments.
  • Step Five - Nutrition - Eat Better. Clients have the opportunity to learn a broader spectrum of healthy eating methods.
  • Step Six - 12 Weeks to Weight Loss and Wellness Workbook - The sections in the 12 Weeks workbook focus on three specific areas: emotional, physical and mental. By exploring these three areas, you'll better understand the reasons behind overeating.
    The 12 Weeks Program topics include:
    • Getting started
    • Staying motivated
    • A step in the right direction
    • A different approach
    • Identifying your eating patterns
    • Making changes
    • Stress and eating connections
    • Finding your balance
    • Communication and you
    • Finding your attitude shift
    • Building a strong foundation
    • Goal-setting - a winning approach

The 12 Week Health Series: Week 1 - Getting Started

  • Step Seven - Individual Support (Lifestyle Coaching) - We know that support is an essential part of your success. Our qualified lifestyle counselor will work side by side with you throughout the program.

Cost - 12 Week Weight Loss Program

The 12 Weeks Package, that is the literature at the core of this program, costs $99.00. The Life-Style Change Coaching, Nutrition Counseling, and the Online Personal Trainer, which are all considered important aspects of this diet program, have separate fees ranging in price from $45 to $250.

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