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Mayflower Inn and Spa

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At Mayflower Inn & Spa our intention is to help you reveal your best personal self through a mix of relaxing and invigorating experiences. You will discover Active Body choices from challenging to restorative, Mind-Spirit offerings to inspire, Spa Treatments to pamper, the pure luxury of five-star accommodations to cosset—and award winning spa cuisine to nourish.


Mayflower Inn and Spa Programs


Blue Heron Insights
Know yourself and work from your strengths. This one-on-one consultation gives you a better understanding of what motivates you. Get tips on how to optimize interactions with others and identify potential hindering factors. Apply the self-awareness gained in this process throughout your Mayflower Experience.


Blue Book It! — an Exploration of Journaling
Whether you want to start a novel, record the events of the day, or ease your mind by writing down the thoughts that interfere with a good night’s sleep. Explore techniques and the practice of journaling.


Mayflower Meditation
Immediately after Stretch & Release, this quarter hour is devoted to breathing techniques, melodic repetition and meditation to prepare you for a peaceful evening and restful sleep. Quiet body - Quiet mind.


Unlike a maze, the labyrinth seeks to quiet the mind; it offers an opportunity to walk in meditation to a place within, where the rational mind merges with the intuitive. It is there that we can re-discover our spirituality by invoking the sacred into the everyday; we can become closer to ourselves and our spirituality.


Breath & Mindful Meditation
Learn to relax and be completely present. Explore breathing techniques that help quiet the mind, lower your stress and soothe the body. We provide a number of chairs, zafus and zabutons to help you find a comfortable seat.


Finger Labyrinth, Buddha Board & Zen Garden
Portable relaxation at your fingertips. These clever and beautiful tools are available around Spa House and this class will show you how to make use of them.


Sleep Well
Fall asleep more easily and improve the quality of your sleep. This session, in conjunction with other relaxation inducing experiences at Mayflower, will go a long way to reducing sleep disturbances. Please complete your Sleep Diary prior to arrival to optimize the value of this session.


Music Therapy
Laughter and bonding are the keys to this workshop where you explore your inner music, songs and rhythms. Some sessions focus on voice and others use techniques from drumming to singing bowls.


What’s in a Chant?
Call and Response is a fun and easy way to enjoy tone and vibration as effective tools to awaken energy and quiet the mind.


The Knitting Circle
Knitting is a relaxing as well as a productive pastime. Our instructor will get you started with a variety of projects to choose from and work on throughout the week and beyond.


Break the Cycle
Explore the habits that prevent you from reaching your full potential. There are certain mistakes we enjoy so much we are always willing to repeat them. This seminar will give you tools to change the way you think so that you can change the way you act.


Feng Shui
Explore the universal wisdom of this ancient art and learn how changing your physical space according to Feng Shui principles can change your life and bring in new opportunities.


Organize your Life
There are tricks to the trade of getting organized in your home and in your life. Our expert will give you some of the best strategies.


Learn this critical life saving technique. Participants will receive their Red Cross Certification.


Just relax in a canoe on Blue Heron Pond.


Memoir Writing
Memoir is the literature of self discovery and we will have leading memoir writers on hand to inspire your inner muse.


Watercolor and Landscape
The New England landscape is a wonder in every season and watercolors are a vivid, fun and inspiring way to enjoy it even more. Let your creativity loose and be inspired!


The Joy of Tea
Tea as ritual, as a social moment, as a delicious way to treat your body and calm your mind in the company of others.


The Art of Flowers
Flower arranging is beautiful, relaxing and brings you closer to the nature around you. We will show you how to reap the benefits.


Rates (2008):

Three nights - $4,800
Four nights - $5,750
Five nights - $6,700


Contact Information:

Telephone: 860-868-9466


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