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Unlike many weight loss programs, Healthier Weight Centers uses a healthy approach to losing weight and encouraging individuals to make lifelong behavior changes. Featured in the United Kingdom, Healthier Weight Centers offers individuals who need to lose thirty or more pounds a safe alternative to fad diets that promise a quick drop in weight but never prevent the weight from returning. Within the center, each patient undergoes a medical evaluation and weekly meetings with dieticians and health educators to ensure that the weight loss is effective and long lasting. Attending hour-long seminars for ten weeks is also required of all program participants, as well as daily activities.


Unlike other diets that drastically reduce the amount of calories in order to lose weight, Healthier Weight Centers produces their own line of nutritional products to guarantee an individual is eating what they need to lose weight the proper way - and keep it off. All programs within the Healthier Weight Centers focus on a healthy, low-calorie diet plan, exercise and behavior therapy in order to change eating habits and ways of looking at food. By combining these three elements, individuals are not only able to lose the weight, but keep it off for good.


Pros of the programs featured within the Healthier Weight Centers are that patients learn how they put the weight on in the first place, and how they can keep it off in the future. Healthy diet, exercise and behavior changes are all foundations of successful weight loss, so each program is beneficial. Medical attention and supervision by dietitians or other health professionals ensures that weight loss is achieved in a healthy and safe manner.


Cons for the program is cost, and even though they are successful and affordable for most, there are those who might not be able to keep up with program costs. The location of the weight loss centers might also be a disadvantage to many, since the Healthier Weight Centers are located around the United Kingdom.


For students, unemployed or others needing financial assistance, discounts are available in order to obtain proper treatment. Additionally, there is no set cost since the length of the program ranges of a variety of factors including medical requirements and amount of weight loss needed. In order to find out the individual cost of treatment within the Healthier Weight Centers, potential patients located in the United Kingdom can do so by calling the number featured on their website at

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