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How Important Is Sex to Your Mental Health?

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Having a healthy body is important, but so is having a healthy mental state. We all know that too much stress and not enough sleep can lead to a bad frame of mind, but you need something else to keep your body, mind, and soul healthy--sex. How important is sex for your mental health? Surprisingly, it’s pretty important. Here are just a few reasons why sexual activity is important for a healthy mental state of mind.


1. It can help you de-stress.


Having enough sex can actually help you de-stress. Sex releases endorphins and other things in the mind, which work to calm you down and relax you. Sex can also help you release any built-up tension and forget any worries you may be obsessing over, which can cause depression and physical health problems like fatigue, listlessness, and hyperactivity.


2. Sex can help you get more sleep.


This may not be too much of a surprise. Sex has been known to help those who suffer from frequent bouts of insomnia. After having sexual intercourse, most people get a restful night’s sleep and feel awake and relaxed the next morning. Those who do not get enough sex are more likely to experience sleep disorders and depression--which brings us to our next answer to the question, “How important is sex?”...


3. Sex battles depression and anxiety disorders.


It is a well-known fact that sexual intercourse can help battle depression and anxiety. During sex, endorphins and oxytocin get released, which can help you feel better, relaxed, and closer to your mate. It can also help you relieve any anxieties you are feeling. Sex has been said to be a natural cure for anxiety and panic attacks. Sex can help with small bouts of depression and fatigue as well.


4. Sex stabilizes your mood.


Having sexual intercourse can also be a natural mood stabilizer. If you suffer from bipolar disorder or any other illnesses that attack your mood, having sex can help. The touch of your partner can make you feel calm and relaxed while also making you feel a high during the entire act, which serves to heighten your mood.


So--how important is sex to your health? Doctors always ask if you are sexually active for a reason. Sex can do a lot of things not just for your physical state but for your mental state, too. The next time you feel a little tense or sad, keep this in mind. We always try to care for our bodies, but we must ensure that we take care of our minds as well!