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With many of today’s television shows offer some form of reality showing contestants going through the ups and downs of weight loss, the Celebrity Fit Club is no exception. This series shows celebrities engaged in dieting and successfully shedding unwanted pounds and competing for a grand prize. Viewers at home are able to perform the same diet, which is focused on a healthy life change of nutrition and exercise.


Based on the Fat Smash Diet by Dr. Ian K. Smith, those involved in the program go through different phases of diet changes, as well as exercise for at least 30 minutes each day, for five consecutive days. During the first phase or “Detoxification Phase”, dieters begin to eat certain foods to rid the body of harmful toxins. Fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as beans, egg whites and oatmeal are all examples of foods to be eaten during the Detox phase.


In the second phase of the Celebrity Fit Club plan or “Foundation Phase”, dieters incorporate small amounts of lean protein during a period of three weeks, and in the final phase of the program, known as the “Construction Phase”, whole grains are introduced back into the diet. Once these three phases are done, the dieter moves on to the “Temple Phase” which is a guide on how to eat for life to keep off the pounds.


Unlike many diet programs, the Celebrity Fit Club plan incorporates exercise into daily life to lose additional pounds and keep them off. While the recommended amount of exercise per day is 30 minutes five days a week, the Celebrity Fit Club plan increases that amount to one hour each day, for five days. Since diet and exercise are the main part of keeping a healthy lifestyle, the Celebrity Fit Club program is one that teaches a dieter how to both re-learn the basics of eating a sensible diet and incorporating exercise into daily life. The website also offers valuable tools such as recipes, shopping lists and meal plans to help create healthy dishes, as well as exercise plans to take to the gym or do at home.


The pros of the Celebrity Fit Club program are that it teaches an individual about how to eat healthy and exercise right. The cons are mostly that it takes time to achieve goals and that charges for a membership.


The cost of the plan is flexible, depending on how long a dieter decides to be on it. A one-month plan costs on average $29, while a 3-month savings plan averages $60. For those who want to sign up for a yearlong commitment, the price is $159.

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