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The Fat Smash Diet

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The Fat Smash Diet is a diet created by Dr. Ian K. Smith best known from VH1\'s Celebrity Fit Club. Fat Smash is part of a \"new wave\" of diet approaches that are very healthy and sustainable over the long term. The single most important aspect of the diet is the idea that you can eat as many fruits and veggies as you like. This is critically important because traditional diet approaches focus on limiting and restricting the foods you eat. This is a recipe for failure. It is literally impossible to be obese with a diet that is extremely high in fruits, vegetables, greens and legumes. The reason for this is that these foods give your body the nutrition it needs. Diets high in meat, milk, cheese and processed foods are nutrient poor. Your body is not getting what it needs and continually sends signals to your brain to keep eating in a (usually futile attempt) to get nutrients. When you eat a diet high in the \"good stuff\", your body no longer goes into panic mode when you get hungry. "Food addiction", which is often a reaction to chemicals in food, goes away. You have the foods you need, and you are much less compelled to overeat.


The Fat Smash Diet Program

The formal Fat Smash Diet is a 90 day program and it is divided into 4 phases. It is a very common sense approach to eating and dieting. The focus of this diet is healthy eating that will help you lose weight and continue with a long-term weight management program. A 20- to 25-minute walk after dinner (or some other light exercise) is recommended, or 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise five times per week.


  1. Phase I - Detox - This phase lasts 9 days. In this phase you will eat mostly fruits and vegetables. The idea is to cleanse your body of junk and you eliminate things like alcohol and caffeine. You can eat all the fruits & veggies you want except white potatoes and avocados. You also can have the following: legumes/beans & tofu, 1 cup of oatmeal, 2 cups of brown rice, 2 cups lowfat or 1% milk, 2 6oz yogurts and 4 eggwhites (eggbeaters) only water & 2 cups of herbal tea to drink. You also get a very limited amount of olive oil dressing to use. This Phase lasts for 9 days.
  2. Phase II - Foundation - This phase lasts 3 weeks. In this phase you eat the same foods as phase I, except you will reintroduce lean meats. Phase 2 is for 3 weeks and you keep everything you are eating in phase I & add in most protein meat chicken turkey fish (except pork), 1 whole egg add unsweetend ceral, 1 oz of cheese, coffee 1 10 oz cup & 2 diet pops a day come back.
  3. Phase III - Construction - This phase lasts 4 weeks. In this phase you eat the same foods as phase I & II except you will reintroduce whole wheat pastaand bread. Phase 3 4 weeks: increase the amounts of protein, adds ff mayo & peanut butter, 2 whole eggs, 3 cups of lf milk now & 1.3 oz of lf/ff cheese, 2 cups of freshly squeezed juice & whole grains bread 4 slices a day, 1 cup of pasta and 1 desert serving per day.
  4. Phase IV - The Temple - This phase is for life. In this phase you eat the same foods as phase I,II, & III. In addition to those foods, you can eat some white starches (ie. white rice, potatoes) as well as have a couple of glasses of wine or beer each week. Phase 4 for life every food you want come back including alchol & all sweets/chips everything. the idea is your able to now handle a snack or high fat meal & go back to your regular good habits you have learned to retrain your body with.


How the Fat Smash Diet Works

The Fat Smash Diet is designed to change your relationship with food and get you hooked on regular physical activity for the rest of your life. At the end of the 90-day period, you should be making better food choices, eating fewer calories, exercising regularly, and losing weight.


During the detox phase, cravings are suppose to be smashed, and the nourishing power of fruits and vegetables reintroduced to your diet.


Because there is no calorie counting in the Fat Smash Diet, Smith shows you how to seek a balance in your food choices and change your relationship with food so you won\'t overeat. \"Diets require a change in behaviors and you must learn how to deal with cravings,\" he says. \"Have a small cookie but if you want more, try frozen grapes, because fruit is healthier and will help you satisfy your craving and control calories.\"


Throughout the four phases, Smith intersperses diet tips to teach dieters principles of eating healthy. Each phase comes with a laundry list of allowed and forbidden foods. Indulgences such as beer, wine, sweets, and coffee are kept to a minimum.


Cost - Fat Smash Diet

At the time of this review, The Fat Smash Diet book can be purchased from most major bookstores for about $10-13. If you are interested in joining the Fast Smash Online resources, at, the following costs apply in addition to a one-time $8.95 sign-up fee:


Membership Subscription Price
12 month subscription $158.35
3 month subscription $58.80
1 month subscription $28.90

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