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The Good Mood Diet

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The Good Mood Diet is a culmination of 25 years of work by Susan Kleiner in the field of nutrition, fitness and health. The Good Mood Diet nourishes your brain and your body and offers a diet philosophy, an approach to life and food. Put together, it will give you more mental and physical energy, enhancing your mood and giving you greater mental focus. You can even feel great while you lose weight


The Good Mood Diet book is supplemented by Dr. Kleiner's website, The website gives you the behavioral information, inspiration, and community support - boosts everyone can use, no matter what your goals. Regularly updated articles, menus and recipes give you practical tips to help you:


  • Find the kind of exercise that you enjoy doing
  • Discover foods you'll enjoy preparing
  • Enjoy lifestyle changes that will make you feel great
  • Find online support to help you create your own Good Mood Diet Club


The Good Mood Diet is not another fad diet, but rather a logical and refreshingly positive approach to losing weight while focusing on eating foods that make you feel and look your best. I am also thrilled to see that someone is calling attention to the downfall of most dieters - not eating enough. Most diets require excessive calorie restriction and do not provide enough energy for most people function effectively through their every day lives. This low energy makes you tired, sad, and depressed, which is a recipe for disaster when trying to draw on the willpower to continue depriving yourself of food.


The Good Mood Diet's philosophy is that if you are severely restricting calories, your body goes into starvation mode and holds on to as many calories as possible. The Good Mood Diet, on the other hand, offers a moderate-calorie diet that is focused on eating foods that are scientifically proven to improve your mood and make you feel so good that you wouldn't want to go back to your old habits. Thus, feeling great is your motivator for eating right, and losing weight is the side-effect.


Overall, the Good Mood Diet seems very well nutritionally balanced and most people would experience weight loss. The website, however, only offers a few menu and recipe suggestions so meal planning will be left up to the dieter. For this reason, this diet is best suited for people who already have knowledge about food nutrition and preparing low-fat, low-cal meals.


Cost - The Good Mood Diet

The Good Mood Diet book retails for about $24. The Good Mood Diet online resources are free.

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