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Hilton Head Health is an exclusive weight loss spa located on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. After 30 years of weight loss success, Hilton Head Health continues to provide each Guest with the information and motivation they need to achieve a healthy lifestyle. Guests come here to improve their overall health with a focus on fitness, nutrition and goal-oriented transformation in a resort environment. The experience at Hilton Head Health provides the structure, as well as the flexibility, needed to help one achieve all of his/her health goals.


Hilton Head Health Programs


Fitness – Our experienced Fitness Specialists and Instructors give you the knowledge and practice to create an exercise plan that works with your lifestyle. With a wide variety of fitness options, Guests have the opportunity to experience activities such as Beach Boot Camp, Broad Creek Kayaking, Pinckney Island Bike Ride and many more.


Nutrition – At Hilton Head Health weight loss retreat, Guests enjoy an individually tailored meal plan with many choices, delicious flavors, and realistic portions. Our experienced Culinary Specialists help you create a meal plan you can live with.


S.E.L.F. (Stress Management, Empowerment, Longevity, Fulfillment) - Hilton Head Health weight loss retreat incorporates the mind/body connection essential to self-awareness and a peaceful existence. Through Group Discussions facilitated by our SELF Specialist, each Guest will explore the methods to achieve the change needed for successful weight loss.


7-Day Stay: Healthy Lifestyle Program Our most popular, the Healthy Lifestyle program, is designed for you to lose weight, establish a healthy routine and improve your life. Whether you are looking to focus on fitness, nutrition or stress reduction, this all-inclusive stay will leave you feeling re-energized, healthier and provide you with all the necessary tools needed to be successful at home.


3-Day Getaway Our newest addition, the 3-Day Getaway, focuses on stress reduction and is designed for you to escape from the everyday stressors that prevent you from living your healthiest life. A 3-Day Getaway will give you an opportunity to re-charge your battery, focus on you and learn techniques to reduce your stress and live life to its fullest!


Day Pass Our version of single servings—Day Passes allow you to participate in all daily activities offered at H3I. If you are in Hilton Head, experience a day in our program and get a taste of our Healthy Lifestyle!


*Call a Weight Loss Spa Consultant at 800-292-2440 for more information and special offers.

Telephone: 1-800-292-2440


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