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Easy Ways to Curb Your Alcohol Consumption

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According to a recent Harvard Health study, there is a pretty noticeable drinking problem going on in the U.S. these days. When nearly one in 13 people over the age of 12 admits to having a drinking issue, something needs to be done. As millions of people engage in some pretty risky behaviors while under the influence, it can be said that learning ways to curb your alcohol consumption is a really good idea. The dangers of misuse are very real, but you can do something to protect yourself while still having a little fun.

1. Try Virgin Versions of Your Favorites

Most of the time, we drink so that we can relieve stress or be social. It is less about the alcohol consumption and more about the ability to take a breather and catch a few laughs. However, this means that sipping on some delicious virgin varieties of our favorite drinks might have a similar effect. If you want to curb your alcohol consumption while still having a good time, try this trick on for size.

2. Have Someone or Something to Hold You Accountable for Your Promises

It will be difficult for you to get the glass of alcohol to your mouth when there is someone or something there to stop you each time. Either put a promise to yourself in writing somewhere or ask a friend or family member to sponsor and support your efforts to curb your alcohol consumption. Remind them of why you are doing it and let them know how important it is to you.

3. Get the Liquor Out of the House

One of the best ways to curb your alcohol consumption once and for all is just to remove all of it from your home or office. You will no longer be able to pour a drink easily and instead will have to travel for your booze. This should make you think twice about getting behind the wheel and may ultimately prevent you from drinking anything.

4. Stay Busy

Drinking too much is often the result of not having enough to do with your time, especially while you are under stress. Do what you can do to stay as busy as possible with positive and constructive projects so that you can curb your alcohol consumption while creating something meaningful. It can be a challenge to slow down your drinking, but it’s not as difficult if you have found something inspirational to take up your time.