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The Gabriel Method

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The creator of the Gabriel Method claims to have lost 220 pounds without dieting, exercise, drugs, or complicated meal plans. For this reason, it does make sense that this is not called a diet but a method instead. This method is something that is a bit like mind over matter. “Dieters” are encouraged to learn about their body signals and then taught how to listen to them. We are not overweight because we eat too much, is the claim, but rather because our bodies do not know any better and we have lost touch with reading our bodies signals.


Though the Gabriel Method comes in book and CD form, there are really just three things a person is asked to do to overcome bad eating habits and to drop weight at a steady but healthy rate. The first is to be sure your body is getting the nutrients it is craving each and every day. This, of course, must come with more instruction, but it sounds simple enough. Your body craves foods for a reason. If you ignore the craving for peas and eat something else, you are denying your body what it is asking for (don’t ask me what you do about a craving for cheesies, but I’m pretty sure you shouldn’t indulge if losing weight is your goal).


The second part of the equation to following the Gabriel Method is to use the visualization techniques in the book. You can do this by following along with the book or by listening to the instructional CD that comes with the book. You can do this at night before you go to sleep, but it may work at other times of the day too. These visualizations are meant to help you stay in tune with your body and your goals.


The last recommendation is to simply listen to your body and your soul. This may sound obvious, but you may not have ever really done this. Your body is telling you what it needs and what it does not want, and though you may not know how to listen, you can learn. Hunger signals are often not something anyone experiences because they eat too much and never actually get them. There is a message the body sends out saying that it has had enough, but most people do not get that message. If you can tune in to what your body is telling you, your life and eating habits can change.


One of the biggest positives about the Gabriel Method is that it is addresses the emotional aspects of eating and weight loss. Very few diets actually do this despite the fact that emotional changes are as important, if not more important for losing weight, than making changes in your diet or physical activity. If you wish to try the Gabriel Method, remember most plans only work if you are fully versed on what to do and if you have the proper tools. Any plan that is designed to help you lose weight should be accompanied by a daily vitamin and a proper exercise routine. Though this method does not talk about exercise much in summary, it can help you tone up and stay in good cardiovascular health. Keep those things in mind and talk with your doctor before you start.


The book, The Gabriel Method, which describes how to follow this diet, retails between $10-20US.

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