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Institute of Lifesytle and Weight Management

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A multitude of diets that have been around for years have a low success rate particularly because they can not be sustained over long periods of time. The Institute of Lifestyle and Weight Management focuses their efforts on preventing obesity, and treating those who already suffer from it. As many in the health field already know, obesity often does not happen overnight because an individual has a desire to eat. Many factors are attributed to obesity; physiological, behavioral, genetic, psychological and emotional reasons all play a role in overeating and weight gain. The Institute of Lifestyle and Weight Management combines supervision with medical technology to overcome the obstacles that cause many individuals to become overweight or obese.


Aside from healthy eating and exercise encouragement and plans, the Institute of Lifestyle and Weight Management provides one-on-one care with their patients, including behavioral modification programs in a social setting, as well as education, support groups and reinforcement. Being a medically based weight loss center, each patient is assigned a vast array of medical doctors, nutritionists and life coaches to help them overcome their fight against obesity. Other programs offered in the monthly fee include cooking classes, stress management classes, lectures, and personal training. At the Institute of Lifestyle and Weight Management, each patient is offered the best care and tools to lose weight and change negative behaviors that put the weight on in the first place.


Pros of the program include the detailed attention given to each patient to overcome or prevent obesity. Professional health educators work alongside each patient to give them comprehensive medical attention, as well as other tools to change life behaviors such as cooking classes and exercise training. Like some programs, the Institute of Lifestyle and Weight Management teaches the ideal that diet and exercise is the key to losing weight and maintaining it, however they also go a step further and attempt to correct negative behaviors and habits.


As for the cons, the price is definitely one that will be unaffordable for some as well as the fact that it is a residential program, meaning that patients are required to live within the facility until they meet their goals. While the price is steep for some, the amount of tools, medical testing, assessments, mental and physical re-organizing and total life changing experiences the cost may seem to be very reasonable.


The cost to join the four week program is $11,999 and every additional week thereafter is $2,999. There is also a two-week program that runs at $6,999 for those who cannot take four weeks to join the program.

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