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The Lose Weight Diet

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The idea behind this completely free weight loss diet plan, The Lose Weight Diet, is quite simple - it doesn't rely on gimmicks or sales strategies to gear you towards the program. In fact, The Lose Weight Diet is based strictly on common sense and the simplest and healthiest way the human body was meant to lose weight. The Lose Weight Diet is free. There is nothing to buy or sign up for ever. Every single piece of weight loss information you will need is here (free) for you to read, understand and put into effect.


The Lose Weight Diet program begins with three phases that assist you in determining and learning about your weight loss needs and goals. When all three phases are completed, you have the power of weight loss in your own hands, instead of a company that will charge you monthly for support. However, for this reason, the Lose Weight Diet is not for everyone. Some people really need the additional support that comes with the more complex, and expensive, online weight loss programs.


1. Phase I - How to Lose Weight - The purpose of Phase 1 is to help you understand how to lose weight. It explains how weight loss happens, why it happens, and most important of all... what you need to do in order to make it happen. There is tonnes of information here about calories, exercising, fats, carbs and proteins to help you learn what is required for weight loss.


2. Phase II - Creat Your Weight Loss Diet Plan - In Phase 2, you learn how to put the information from Phase I to use and create your own weight loss diet plan. The very first thing you're going to need to do is figure out what your calorie maintenance level is. This is quickly done using the provided calorie maintenance calculator. Once your calorie maintenance is determine, then you design your diet so that you consume 500 calories less than your maintenance level. Your diet will consist of 5-6 small meals each day and some diet suggestions are made.


3. Phase III - Continue Losing Weight and Keeping It Off - Following the design of your personal diet plan in Phase II, in Phase III you will learn how to make sure you continue losing weight and, even more importantly, keep the weight off for good.


The Lose Weight Diet is a self-guided, but free, weight loss program. It offers a common sense approach to weight loss and gives control back to the dieter. If you have never been on a diet, or feel you need extra support or guidance, then this diet is probably not for you as there is very little online support offered. Also, the Lose Weight Diet does not have a recipe section, so you will have to find recipes yourself that suit your diet plan. If you are just learning about healthy eating and lifestyle, this diet plan may be very difficult to stick with.


The Lose Weight Diet is Free. You can learn more about the diet on its official website at

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